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It’s funny how history literally repeats itself. Especially so when it comes to our clothes. Where once these sandals were worn by beefy alpha males slugging it out in the Roman ampitheatre, now they’re the perfect companion to breezy dresses, skirts, shorts and bermuda capris. I’m talking about the gladiator sandals, of course…


Tod’s Gladiator Sandals. Would look great with white dresses or skirts.


Roberto Cavalli’s Gold Thong sandals. This looks very glam and very nice.


Urban Outfitter’s braided sandals. This looks very girly and whimsical. It reminds me of Rachel Bilson.


Another one from UO. I like the peep toe and strappy things.


Topshop’s 100% leather gladiator sandals. I’m looking out for this one in stores. Oh, wait. I have these in silver. Woops.


Topshop’s T-bar sandals. I like this, although it looks a tad manly and plain. Also, the T-design makes it look very bare – so bare that I don’t think I’m wearing sandals at all. Heh.



Since graduating from her whimsical Lizzie McGuire outfits, Hilary has stuck mostly to skinny jeans, heels and mini dresses. With her new bod, they seem to work well.


A dinner outfit. Long black tunic, skinnies and cream peeptoe heels. The bold black necklace is cute, although I’m not a fan of bold accessories. She could have done without the zebra hat, though.


A running errand outfit. We can’t copy the many layers of jackets and scarves here but we can always make do with the yellow flats and skinnies look!


At a Jay Leno show, Hilary looked resplendent in her sheer makeup. I just love her hair and makeup. She rarely goes anywhere without the huge hoops and black necklaces, ya?


Ahh, the long tank and black skinnies combo. She wears white heels damn well. I love the accessories on her.


I told you she’s not all about her skinnies. In girly nights, she rocks her legs in mini dresses like this multicoloured frock. Note the silver heels, the gold bangles and gold hoops.


And then she decides to go all summery in this adorable yellow mini dress. Her hair’s all neat in that grey headwrap. Very cute.


But we know Hilary’s a bag addict like so many of us women. Here’s a huge Fendi handcarry/tote/luggage?


And I dug up this old pic of her carrying the LV Mizi Vienna. It reminds me of Chanel bags. Oh lookie, how does she walk in those Louboutin pumps??


I don’t care if anyone says flip flops are floppy footwear. Yes, they may be. But they’re super comfy. No blisters, no sweaty feet. My fave brand of flip flops- Havaianas- has just come up with the latest range this summer 07 season. They call it the Slim range. You’ll know why.

Get it? The straps are slimmer than the usual range. I lovelovelove the brown floral ones. Ohmy. But I’m not sure if the slim straps would look good on my feet. So in any case, I settled for the usual range of metallics. 😀

This gold baby shall arrive in a few weeks’ time. 🙂 I love how Havas are so versatile. With cropped jeans, jeans, boho skirts, printed skirts, bermuda shorts, capris. Oh God. Did I just mention all bottoms possible? Haha. Okay, workwear pants not included.


I’ve always been a flip flops, birks girl. And i have a few covered shoes, wedges here and there which i never really wear. I should really look out for more shoes and pay attention to them.

And after viewing UO, i absolutely adore the covered shoes/ pumps they offer there. So many i want to feature. So do go see for yourself, these here are my favs, so far 🙂 – and most are basic shoes, which are must haves for everyone!

A simple plain black pair of comfy flats, which sadly i’ve yet to have. Time to hunt for one. Will be great with my new skinny pants/ jeans.

Lovin the pointy effect here. And the black white combi is sweet yet elegant. Don’t know why but reminds me of marc jacobs. Heh

Cut out flats. SB and I saw a nice pair at Nose the other day but sadly did not have our sizes. This one is a sweet pair in pink.

Another must have basic pair of shoes. A one in off-white. And this one has a cute elastic strap across. Looks velvety soft too

Oh a silver pair of flats is a DEFINITELY must have. I have two pairs and love them. Cause they are really a versatile colour.  Matches with anything and everything. This one has a different twist with the tie across, very ballet like shoes.

Another marc jacobs inspired design. But this one has a slight mini wedge (i like!). And the deep shade of burgundy and the patent effect makes it drool-worthy 🙂

 I want all of them!


This pretty little ruffled ballerina flats from Pedro Garcia looks exactly like a pair SW and I found at Malaysia’s superb shoe store called Nose. I tried the one from Nose but didn’t buy them cos they were a little rough around the edges and knowing my dainty feet, I’ll just get blisters walking 5 mins in them. But seriously, if you live within safe radius of any Nose outlet, do check this out. I think it was even on sale, at RM40 something. What a deal! (Too bad Charles & Keith and Pretty Fit aren’t that fashion forward, hah!) And anyway, they’ll look smashing with skinny or square fit jeans and any top, really. 🙂


UO had always relatively nice stuffs, not gush worthy and definitely not worth the relatively pricey tag. Especially for us with the exchange rates. Browsed through the clearance section and saw some really good deals, so many of them!

Oh im so loving this whole baggy look for the top. Coz it will look good paired with a pair of fitted jeans especially skinny ones. The ruched neckline reminds me of SB forever 21 top. And the sleeve detail makes it looks tied in rather than flowy and frumpy. 🙂 Sadly, this top is 29.99 USD, still a bit outta reach.

This frock tunic is an excellent base to start off accessorising. And all the better, it can be paired with tights (which i just bought! :D) Pair this with a cinched belt or soft leather belt. And remember to accessorise with long necklaces. Versatile basic top in fact.

This is a fantastic deal for 14.99 USD. Loving the flowy look again especially the material here which looks soft. Almost identical to the first item. And in fact, it has the nice waist detail tie 🙂 Another winner with tights or tight fitted bottoms.

Gauchos for only 6.99 USD! Not sure about stocks availibility. But what a steal. Am thinking of getting gauchos for myself too. It would look cute with a fitted, puffy-sleeved shirt. 🙂 Abit formal but has a casual twist.

And the accessories were going on sale too.

Always had a thing for charm bracelets and this is no exception. Has such a unique victorian antique feel. The charms are also different from the standard fare of girly stuffs.

Been eyeing this necklace for some time and its on sale. Cant wait for a spree. Only 7.99 USD. What a simple piece yet it can spice up so many outfits. And the good thing is the gold version does not look flashy, more of the matted kind. Definitely a thumbs up 🙂

This tie around sandals will look good with berm shorts or skirts. It may look cheep but for around 6.99 USD, no complains.


I was reading my favourite newspaper, urban a few days back and they featured nice bags. As usualy, designer bags are outta reach for me now (unless i starve myself to death) 😦 But there are still good eye candy. These were some of the bags featured that caught my eye.

Since SB and I are soo into the quilted design, this bag is a plus point. Burberry manor bag. Honestly, ignorant me never knew they produced much leather bags except for their renowned plaid bags. But this one is a winner, very chic and the size is perfect for weekend days.

This Bayswater from Mulberry is a breakaway from their standard leather design 😀 Much to my delight of course. Coz it adds a twist to normal leather bags. I love the vintagey design up front. To me it makes the bag look less frumpy but some beg to differ and thinks it looks old-ish. Oh wells, still a thumbs up from me. And yay for roomy bags too!

Not sure whether this chloe large paddington tote is a fall bag or not. Just saw it off a website. And i definitely think this somehow looks better than the standard sized paddington. Its roomier and i love the details on this bag. And the worn out leather look is a major plus point too 🙂

 Ohh and while surfing for the bags, i found these

Loubotins in a reasonable height! Walkable, definitely 😀 But the price is almost the same. But for the fashion concious with loads of money and not wanting to bear with pain (heard Loubotins are not that comfortable), this may be a better option, aye 😀