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Right, we totally don’t know if we were on a break because of the dearth of inspiration or merely just plain sick of consumerism and empty meaningless pretty things when there are more (or aren’t there?) important things going on in our small world.

Nonetheless, we shall do less damage by announcing to the whole WWW the latest greatest most fun fad going around for us budding fashionistas/budding magazine stylists etc: Polyvore

After exploring it for the past week, I got around to make some stuff of my own. Here’s one for my fake fashion mag: How to work the plaid blouse and here’s another for a fake/cheap LV ad: The Hidden LV. Haha, see. I get a kick outta these.

Ps: I don’t see more updates coming soon because mainly, I’m too lazy to upload pictures to an image site and then upload them again here. Huge hassle.



Since graduating from her whimsical Lizzie McGuire outfits, Hilary has stuck mostly to skinny jeans, heels and mini dresses. With her new bod, they seem to work well.


A dinner outfit. Long black tunic, skinnies and cream peeptoe heels. The bold black necklace is cute, although I’m not a fan of bold accessories. She could have done without the zebra hat, though.


A running errand outfit. We can’t copy the many layers of jackets and scarves here but we can always make do with the yellow flats and skinnies look!


At a Jay Leno show, Hilary looked resplendent in her sheer makeup. I just love her hair and makeup. She rarely goes anywhere without the huge hoops and black necklaces, ya?


Ahh, the long tank and black skinnies combo. She wears white heels damn well. I love the accessories on her.


I told you she’s not all about her skinnies. In girly nights, she rocks her legs in mini dresses like this multicoloured frock. Note the silver heels, the gold bangles and gold hoops.


And then she decides to go all summery in this adorable yellow mini dress. Her hair’s all neat in that grey headwrap. Very cute.


But we know Hilary’s a bag addict like so many of us women. Here’s a huge Fendi handcarry/tote/luggage?


And I dug up this old pic of her carrying the LV Mizi Vienna. It reminds me of Chanel bags. Oh lookie, how does she walk in those Louboutin pumps??


Here it is. Our years-long secret (ha ha)  at wasting money online. If you live in Singapore and always wonder how people get their online shopping fix, wonder no more.

Some simply just click on Yahoo Auctions or Ebay! These are okay sites, for mostly secondhand goods.

The thrill comes in getting those goodies from American-based websites which don’t ship out internationally. You want to get something from Forever 21 in the US but don’t know how? Simple. Just go to one of these webs belows:

The most important thing is to have an LJ account and best of all, it’s free! For steps beyond this, you may always refer to the T&Cs on the respective websites.

So quick, go get that Junk Food tee at a fraction of what they’re selling in stores. Or that Forever 21 dress they never ship in to the stores here. Or fancy an authentic Coach wristlet that sells for a little less than they do in the boutiques?

Click ahead. Have fun shopping. We sure did.


Just watched Material Girls. It’s a fun, cutesy and girly movie. Plus, the two lead actresses were garbed in pretty clothes most of the time. 🙂

Even when they’re pretending to be cleaners-cum-PIs, they had to carry the huge Balenciagas around. Hehe. I’m lovin’ both colours.

I love Haylie’s casual boho look here. The layered necklaces, tank and skirt. The studded Be&D bag that LC used in Laguna Beach also looks good in metallic gold. And of cos, Hilary’s Speedy is a classic.

The Duff sisters are also lookin’ good with more layered necklaces, chunky earrings and rings. Is that a Chanel bangle I spy on Haylie?

Not really focusing on the beaded halter dresses but look at how classy it is to pair girly dresses with men’s watches? In the movie, Haylie’s gold Rolex was actually her father’s. Mix masculine watches with feminine dresses. Nice.

And if I saw correctly, Haylie carried a Chanel quilted flap bag in that scene. Love her dress, too. And SW, perhaps the newsboy cap should give you more inspiration here? 😉

If you’re bored with nothing to do, try giving Material Girls a shot. But beware, don’t expect a worthy movie. Just bear the lacklustre acting and plot and think of the eye candies (wardrobe and guys) as a neutralising factor, aye? 😉


While SW went ahead and got her gorgeous Tiffy bracelet (I don’t fancy the bicycle chains, hehe but hey, it’s Tiffany’s we’re talking about here!), my sis and I (together with dearest Daddy) decided to spring a surprise on my Mom’s advanced 43rd birthday celebration last night by presenting her a gorgeous diamond ring from Lee Hwa Jewellery:

It’s effing pretty. I understand why diamonds are a girl’s best friend now. Hurhur.

And it feels good buying it for a loved one too. Happy advanced 43rd Birthday, Mommy! 🙂


This pretty little ruffled ballerina flats from Pedro Garcia looks exactly like a pair SW and I found at Malaysia’s superb shoe store called Nose. I tried the one from Nose but didn’t buy them cos they were a little rough around the edges and knowing my dainty feet, I’ll just get blisters walking 5 mins in them. But seriously, if you live within safe radius of any Nose outlet, do check this out. I think it was even on sale, at RM40 something. What a deal! (Too bad Charles & Keith and Pretty Fit aren’t that fashion forward, hah!) And anyway, they’ll look smashing with skinny or square fit jeans and any top, really. 🙂


SW and I caught The Last Kiss yesterday. It’s a bittersweet movie that dealt with issues of the heart and we particularly liked how the script aptly described love and the sorts. But perhaps more eye-catching was of course, Rachel Bilson’s wardrobe. 😀 Playing a sweetie-pie college student who in the end seduced Zach Braff’s character, we commented on how put-together her vintage outfits were.

This particular empire-cut dress was so lovely. It was red with some pattern on it and had a silver underlining material beneath it. She paired it with a belt below the bust area and with a stacked shoe, she was lovely at the wedding party.

Arguably this outfit was very Summer (The OC) for her. It’s basically a tank top, jacket, floral skirt with a leather belt and boots. SW and I loved her pattern skirt.

Okay, this outfit didn’t scream fantabulous or anything. But I remember seeing a similar babydoll top from Forever 21.

In any case, the movie didn’t have much nice clothes to rave about. Perhaps The Holiday has more in store for Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz? Shall see tomorrow.