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I’m back! Only because WordPress has totally upgraded itself, allowing an ‘upload a picture’ feature. And of course, my current objects of fascination: the black blazer & scarf.

Obviously, this trend has been on for quite some time. Just look at the celebrities below:

Ashley Olsen looks stunning on the right. I’m totally loving how she casually folded up the blazer sleeves.

Here, supermodel Gisele Bundchen uses a shorter and lighter scarf. Perfect for summer.

What’s a post without Lauren, eh? Even a checkered blazer can work the look, only if you have a solid coloured scarf.

I don’t really fancy Nicky Hilton’s look cos it’s too black and monotonous. She did try to highlight the scarf, though, by choosing a sparkley/glittery one.

Another Hollywood girl we love, Rachel Bilson. I’m totally adoring her entire look here. Her long yellow scarf looks a little patterned from here. And on a side note, her shoes! How cute!

Last, I’ve got Sienna Miller. Somehow, she got the combo all wrong to me. I think the scarf is too long and thick – looks like a blanket here – and she’s pairing her blazer-scarf top with a denim mini skirt. Ugh, how tacky.

I think this looks works best when paired with skinny jeans and flats or heels. So now I’m wondering how I can get a nice fitting blazer that’s not too thick for this humid tropical weather. I want one in black, with 3/4 sleeves possibly. Yeah, something like this one from Urban Outfitters. Maybe I’ll get it tailored. Hmmm.

As for the scarf, well, scarves are pretty hot here right now too. So there’s not much difficulty in getting them. But tacky designs are a must to avoid! This one from UO isn’t too bad, although the price is abit too steep.

I think the look is classic, it’s a very basic look that can be sustained through seasons. And great for corporate wear too, when work beckons.



Urban Outfitters is having a sale on top of its sale items – 20% off them. Here are some great deals to check out:


Lux Mixed Calico Print Top. USD14.99 Now USD11.99 which translates to about S$23.


Calico Eyelet Calico Tieback Top. Available in these two colours. And also same price as above.



Lux Colorblocked Metallic Tunic. USD19.99 Now USD15.99 which is roughly S$30.


Kimchi & Blue Bamboo Pointell. USD29.99 Now USD23.99 which is about S$43. I personally love this one.


Lux Pieced Contrast Print Voile Blouse. USD14.99 Now USD11.99.


Truy Madly Deeply Coney Island Tee. Same price as above. Love the puffed sleeves.


Bauhaus Ladder Tee. Also same price as above.  This is a unique striped tee.


Carved Cutout Bangle. USD11.99 Now USD9.59.



Enamel Cuff in multicolours and brown.  I especially love the first one. And it’s only USD7.99 after discount!


Indian Filigree Bangle. Same price as above. I have something similar to this…really versatile.


Patterned Wood Ring. USD9.59 after discount. It’s very bohemian yet Club Med.

So go ahead, ring those cash registers. Or in this case, max out your plastics.  😉


The nearest I’ve been to Mexico is Ugly Betty and the old soap operas I used to watch with my Mom before I bathe for primary school. Suddenly, all things Mexican (think the intricate embroidery) are all the craze on some tops. Not that I’m complaining…


Topshop Mexican Smock, 25pounds. On second thoughts, this may be a little too bohemian looking for me.


Topshop Smock Fairisle Top, 28pounds. The colourful smock details are very adorable. But the knitted material may be a tad too thick for the tropics.

urbn-mexicana-dress.jpg urbn-mexicana-dress-black.jpg

Urban Outfitters Mexicana dress in blue and black, USD78. A tad overpriced but I think the blue one is ultra cute.


Dorothy Perkins Smock Top in blue and red, 25pounds. I saw the blue one in the store, I think it was around S$75. I tried it on, very nice fit, floaty and breezy although a tad too sheer to be worn just like that. I think the red one is nicer.


Okay, this last piece may not look Mexican at all but I can’t resist putting this up! So adorable and pretty, don’t you think? Topshop, 35pounds. Gulps.


I admit I’m in love with all things eyelets, well-done lace and embroidery.






I like the first and the last. Don’t really fancy full lace all over me.


I’ve watched a handful of movies this vacation so far. But the one that stood out the most in terms of stylish eye candy would undoubtedly be the ultimate sleeper: French romantic comedy Hors De Prix, or in English, Priceless. Those who’ve caught it would agree with me – it was pure orgasmic eye pleasure. The coastal resorts of Monaco, the pebbled bourgeoise rows of Guccis, Diors, Chanels. And of course, lead actress’ Audrey Tatou’s totally gorgeous outfits!

Because she plays a golddigger in the movie, her clothes are of course, fantabulous and she looks straight out of the runway.


This dress got everyone talking. I don’t know what brand it is but isn’t it absolutely stunning? The  gold rope halter neck and the dull gray base looks so perfect together. And the mini paper umbrellas in her bun looked so cute! (They’re not part of the outfit but part of the erm, plot.)


Ahh. The other dress that got tongues wagging. Again, the gold rope halter with the unique U-neckline makes this so resort and laidback but ultra glam! For a flair of Parisian chic, Audrey’s character never left her ciggs behind.


A cream satin-ish dress with gold hooped straps. Very chic again. Btw that man beside her was one of her many golddigging conquests. Ugh.


And lastly, this classic black number was updated with small gold hoop straps. It was so pretty…although I kinda forgot how the front of the dress looks like. Heh. But anyway, the entire movie was shot in superb technicolour and the sceneries were just ohsoamazing.

Plotwise? Very witty, smart and funny. But then they dropped it like a hot potato right towards the end. Ouch. So not fun after that. You’re left hungry for something else while the credits roll.

Anyway, Audrey must have had a superb stylist on hand for the film. Because she looked far from Parisian chic in her premiere outfits…


She chopped off her locks. Okay this isn’t that bad although I feel like grabbing that bag away from her and replace them with more modern ones. Heh. But otherwise, I quite like the purple dress…very Topshop right now.


But this? To your very own Madrid premiere?? The purple velvet blazer screams eggplant. Paired with normal jeans, they both scream yawn. Oh, whatever happened to poor little Amelie? 😦


Since graduating from her whimsical Lizzie McGuire outfits, Hilary has stuck mostly to skinny jeans, heels and mini dresses. With her new bod, they seem to work well.


A dinner outfit. Long black tunic, skinnies and cream peeptoe heels. The bold black necklace is cute, although I’m not a fan of bold accessories. She could have done without the zebra hat, though.


A running errand outfit. We can’t copy the many layers of jackets and scarves here but we can always make do with the yellow flats and skinnies look!


At a Jay Leno show, Hilary looked resplendent in her sheer makeup. I just love her hair and makeup. She rarely goes anywhere without the huge hoops and black necklaces, ya?


Ahh, the long tank and black skinnies combo. She wears white heels damn well. I love the accessories on her.


I told you she’s not all about her skinnies. In girly nights, she rocks her legs in mini dresses like this multicoloured frock. Note the silver heels, the gold bangles and gold hoops.


And then she decides to go all summery in this adorable yellow mini dress. Her hair’s all neat in that grey headwrap. Very cute.


But we know Hilary’s a bag addict like so many of us women. Here’s a huge Fendi handcarry/tote/luggage?


And I dug up this old pic of her carrying the LV Mizi Vienna. It reminds me of Chanel bags. Oh lookie, how does she walk in those Louboutin pumps??



A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz dress. Isn’t it adorable? Especially in the second pic. With a black bangle and from that angle. But it’s ridiculous to stand like that all the time, right?