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It seems that quilted boxy handbags are still the favourite among celebs. Spotted some Chanel ones too. 🙂 Shall start with the least favourite one of all.

I’m not so sure what bag Ashlee is carrying here. Very boxy and I don’t quite like the long straps.

Even Kate’s tiny wristlet bears the quilts. See what I mean?


And then Mischa was spotte carryingd similar flap quilt bags. Not so sure if they’re Marc Jacobs’ or Chanel’s. I don’t fancy the metallic silver one at all. Makes it look too space-y and cheap. The black, I don’t mind. 🙂

This lovely red flap blag is definitely Chanel.  It’s very quirky vintage and not everyone can carry it off. Here, MK has personalised it by knotting a scarf on its chain straps.

Last and definitely SW and my favourites’ has gotta be the one Nicky is carrying. Heidi Montag from The Hills has the same one too. We love how it’s classy, roomy and very functional looking.

When will that first Chanel buy be….Hmm.



Just watched Material Girls. It’s a fun, cutesy and girly movie. Plus, the two lead actresses were garbed in pretty clothes most of the time. 🙂

Even when they’re pretending to be cleaners-cum-PIs, they had to carry the huge Balenciagas around. Hehe. I’m lovin’ both colours.

I love Haylie’s casual boho look here. The layered necklaces, tank and skirt. The studded Be&D bag that LC used in Laguna Beach also looks good in metallic gold. And of cos, Hilary’s Speedy is a classic.

The Duff sisters are also lookin’ good with more layered necklaces, chunky earrings and rings. Is that a Chanel bangle I spy on Haylie?

Not really focusing on the beaded halter dresses but look at how classy it is to pair girly dresses with men’s watches? In the movie, Haylie’s gold Rolex was actually her father’s. Mix masculine watches with feminine dresses. Nice.

And if I saw correctly, Haylie carried a Chanel quilted flap bag in that scene. Love her dress, too. And SW, perhaps the newsboy cap should give you more inspiration here? 😉

If you’re bored with nothing to do, try giving Material Girls a shot. But beware, don’t expect a worthy movie. Just bear the lacklustre acting and plot and think of the eye candies (wardrobe and guys) as a neutralising factor, aye? 😉


SW calls this the “liver bag” cos of the multiple ruches on the bag. At first I thought they were really nice. Saw this on Victoria Beckham and Halle Berry first. It fits the casual tee/tank-jeans look.

And then recently on the set of her new movie, Sarah Michelle Gellar rocked the bag in city chic.

The real deal retails for US$1000 over.

But since there are so many rip-offs elsewhere, get one at US$38 over at Minus the Prada logo and quality, of cos. 🙂

But the more I look at this casual shopper tote, the more I’m beginning to hate it. Don’t blame Prada. Blame the rip-offs with poor quality. 😦


SW and I caught The Last Kiss yesterday. It’s a bittersweet movie that dealt with issues of the heart and we particularly liked how the script aptly described love and the sorts. But perhaps more eye-catching was of course, Rachel Bilson’s wardrobe. 😀 Playing a sweetie-pie college student who in the end seduced Zach Braff’s character, we commented on how put-together her vintage outfits were.

This particular empire-cut dress was so lovely. It was red with some pattern on it and had a silver underlining material beneath it. She paired it with a belt below the bust area and with a stacked shoe, she was lovely at the wedding party.

Arguably this outfit was very Summer (The OC) for her. It’s basically a tank top, jacket, floral skirt with a leather belt and boots. SW and I loved her pattern skirt.

Okay, this outfit didn’t scream fantabulous or anything. But I remember seeing a similar babydoll top from Forever 21.

In any case, the movie didn’t have much nice clothes to rave about. Perhaps The Holiday has more in store for Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz? Shall see tomorrow.


Ashlee Simpson and I share one love: the black quilted Balenciaga motorcycle. While she earns tons of moolahs by croaking into the mic and can well afford the real deal, I slog hard through school and still have to make do with an inspired one from Ricks at Far East Plaza. The difference: mine is less shiny and less boxy. But know what? I really love mine. And btw, it was purchased months ago. I just didn’t find the perfect opportunity to blog about my new school bag. Hee.

So okay like me, Ashlee has been guilty of carrying the same bag for every night she’s been out. Well, at least as captured in photos.


Kate Moss is set to launch a line in 2007 in collaboration with topshop. Its due time, actually. She is practically iconic in fashion, everything she wears is gospel for everyone else. And i had to admit she can carry off so many looks. She rocks these looks

She looks especially good in skinny jeans. She just has the figure to pull it off…

She even manages to pull off those long tights off with covered flats and a flowy loose top to offset the tight bottoms.

But this, she definitely cant pull off 😦

Grubby boots, a short drabby top, a ciggy and straggly hair. Plus the non too decent bossom area. I hope, that is not her inspiration for her upcoming line.


SB has became a muse convert although she only likes the black one. I prefer the white one. 😀

And so do the celebrities

The ever stylish and pretty Heidi Klum with her white muse. Ah what a nice bag to sling on the shoulder. Doesn’t look too big at all!

In fact im loving her aviators and watch in this picture, very put together!

I wonder if she ever buys any ‘it’ bags or they are given to her to catapult the bag status. But its a definitely good business tactic coz Kate Moss can carry off anything. And if her waif-like figure can match the supposedly huge muse, then so can we 😀

My, my a woman can never have too many expensive handbags can she? Lucky her!

So in the meantime, i shall scout around for ‘inspired’ muse-s. Heh.