Blazing Scarves

Posted on: June 25, 2008

I’m back! Only because WordPress has totally upgraded itself, allowing an ‘upload a picture’ feature. And of course, my current objects of fascination: the black blazer & scarf.

Obviously, this trend has been on for quite some time. Just look at the celebrities below:

Ashley Olsen looks stunning on the right. I’m totally loving how she casually folded up the blazer sleeves.

Here, supermodel Gisele Bundchen uses a shorter and lighter scarf. Perfect for summer.

What’s a post without Lauren, eh? Even a checkered blazer can work the look, only if you have a solid coloured scarf.

I don’t really fancy Nicky Hilton’s look cos it’s too black and monotonous. She did try to highlight the scarf, though, by choosing a sparkley/glittery one.

Another Hollywood girl we love, Rachel Bilson. I’m totally adoring her entire look here. Her long yellow scarf looks a little patterned from here. And on a side note, her shoes! How cute!

Last, I’ve got Sienna Miller. Somehow, she got the combo all wrong to me. I think the scarf is too long and thick – looks like a blanket here – and she’s pairing her blazer-scarf top with a denim mini skirt. Ugh, how tacky.

I think this looks works best when paired with skinny jeans and flats or heels. So now I’m wondering how I can get a nice fitting blazer that’s not too thick for this humid tropical weather. I want one in black, with 3/4 sleeves possibly. Yeah, something like this one from Urban Outfitters. Maybe I’ll get it tailored. Hmmm.

As for the scarf, well, scarves are pretty hot here right now too. So there’s not much difficulty in getting them. But tacky designs are a must to avoid! This one from UO isn’t too bad, although the price is abit too steep.

I think the look is classic, it’s a very basic look that can be sustained through seasons. And great for corporate wear too, when work beckons.



4 Responses to "Blazing Scarves"

i luv both by olsen and bilson..arent they adorable!!!
they can find just about anything to suit their body frame!!!

I am lovin’ this look as well! Gotta try that out myself!


hier ein dankeschu00f6n an meine rechte handud83dude00 Click

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