Unintended Hiatus or Indefinite Closure?

Posted on: February 22, 2008

Right, we totally don’t know if we were on a break because of the dearth of inspiration or merely just plain sick of consumerism and empty meaningless pretty things when there are more (or aren’t there?) important things going on in our small world.

Nonetheless, we shall do less damage by announcing to the whole WWW the latest greatest most fun fad going around for us budding fashionistas/budding magazine stylists etc: Polyvore

After exploring it for the past week, I got around to make some stuff of my own. Here’s one for my fake fashion mag: How to work the plaid blouse and here’s another for a fake/cheap LV ad: The Hidden LV. Haha, see. I get a kick outta these.

Ps: I don’t see more updates coming soon because mainly, I’m too lazy to upload pictures to an image site and then upload them again here. Huge hassle.



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thanks 10000000000000000000000000 thanks for you

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