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I think this might be abit too slow but here’s the latest by MJ – Dr. Q Groovee. It’s up there with my Chanel bowling, Chanel flap and err, Balenciagas. Haha!

But it’s not just the bowling bag…


This tote version looks yummy (and sturdy) enough to bring to sch!


And if you like things small and cutesy, this Dr. Q. Baby Boxy will do! It’s a tad too small and the colour doesn’t quite do for me.

Oh well, I still love the Dr. Q Groovee range. I don’t know, I think the mildy distressed leather works for me. 🙂



My parents are the best kind in the world. Although they irk me sometimes, deep down, they’re the best I could ever ask for. For my 21st, here’s what I got….



And inside the robin-blue box is this:


I picked this out. I love it. I call it the Zen Bean.

Thanks Mom and Dad 😀 I’ll always remember my first Tiffany.



I wanted to share my daily makeup regime basically coz im glad to share some gems i’ve discovered in makeup over the years.

I usually start with a moisturiser and sunscreen from Clinique.

Then the eye concealer


This product promises an anti-crease formula. Alas, it still stays in the creases under my eyes (yes, i think i have undereye wrinkles 😦  ). But the coverage is pretty good to cover the dark eye circles which i horridly have.


Then i smear this powdery foundation from Loreal all over my face. It provides a great base and acts as a concealer for me too. I’ve been using this for close to 3 years now and no complains 🙂 Coverage is great, stays for long and doesn’t appear thick or cakey.


For small zits and problem areas, this is probably a great solution. It probably doesn’t miraculously heals acne like it supposedly can. But it definitely provides the coverage needed for specific problem areas. And it is smooth and light, blends well.


Due to all the base makeup i wear, i usually just pat my Clinique Superpowder very lightly all over the place. Basically to blend all the foundation and concealers together. This is another superb product. Doesn’t streak even when sweaty and is not cakey. My main concern with makeup is that it doesn’t appear too thick.


When it comes to makeup itself (not base makeup), i don’t particularly splurge on more expensive products. This Rimmel bronzer was bought by a friend studying in the UK and i gotta say i love the effects it gives! Its light and not too dark that you appear streaky. I usually brush it lightly on cheekbones, forehead, chin and nose. Just light brushes for soft contouring.


This Rimmel blusher is my absolute fave. For the low price, it definitely delivers! Tried a MAC one previously and the texture was thick although it stayed on. However, the beginning part of putting it and waiting for it to wear off often made me look clownish. But with this Rimmel blush, the effect after putting on is just right. Its a soft shade of pink rose and has slight shimmer effect for a slight dewy look. Loves it!


Now im slowly discovering eye makeup. This Clinique cream shaper is much love. It doesn’t smudge, easy and smooth to apply. And has slight tinge of glitter to it.

On top of that i use red earth bronze eyeshadow to highlight the eye area and Maybelline mascara for now.

I realised i do put alof of gunk on my face. But i think the key to makeup is not how much you put but the effect you achieve. In all, if all that gunk doesn’t make u look fake and cake-like, then it should be fine 🙂


I bought my first proper tube a couple of months back, wasn’t a mascara wearer yet then. So got a drugstore one…


Well, my lashes definitely did not look as thick and lucious as the model in the ad. But it works pretty well, lengthens and volumises. My only qualm- it definitely is not as waterproof as it claims. One whole day out and slight dark shadows form under the eyes especially in the humid weather here. And i still could not figure how to use the white part and coat it with the black one without white flakes. So after a while i gave up and will just get the normal tube mascara. Heh

So im trying to see other higher end brands and maybe they do deliver as promise…Im addicted to mascaras now 🙂


I was reading a magazine that raved about benefit cosmetics. And apparently the mascara is such a hit still used by celebs like Cameron Diaz. It is one of the best sellers on the webbie. But im wondering if its waterproof, the website didn’t say so.


Diorshow is probably legendary in the mascara circles. Heh. Its supposedly really good but not as smudge proof if worn for a day out. But heard the effects are really good. Hmm, maybe might get this but 41 sgd for a mascara is extremely pricey.


My friend tried Lancome and said it was so good that it withstand a tearing session. Heh. Plus lancome ads always make their mascaras look so…powerful 🙂


Another old time fave is probably Estee Lauder. They have a wide range for mascaras to cater to all the different needs. Looks as promising too.

These are just some brands. If you have any secret powerful mascara brands that deliver, do share! 🙂