Color block trend

Posted on: June 24, 2007

While online window shopping, I noticed a relatively subtle trend of all things in color block.


Just check this dress from Asos with the horizontal blocks of color across the dress.


A tunic from forever 21. Great for layering. And i love the muted effects of this color block design compared to the above.


This tad messy looking top from topshop. The color combination screams tacky. And i really don’t fancy the silver patches which gives it such a space-y effect.


Tunic from wetseal. The color combination here is definitely better. Bright yellow being played down by white and black. And the simple designs make it more interesting too.

 Tips to wearing such patterns?

Choose a colour combination that works and not too over the top or outlandish that it becomes tacky.

Simple accessorising will help to spice up the outfit.

Color block effect on tunics and jumpers will be great for layering.

And look.. even celebs are embracing this passing trend..


But of course, she is probably not the best style icon to follow blindly 😛


3 Responses to "Color block trend"

What is the name of the forever 21 tunic? I love it!

i cant recall the name of the tunic. but its probably sold out on the website already. try looking out for it in the stores 🙂


I love the asos one!

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