All Things Mexicana

Posted on: June 23, 2007

The nearest I’ve been to Mexico is Ugly Betty and the old soap operas I used to watch with my Mom before I bathe for primary school. Suddenly, all things Mexican (think the intricate embroidery) are all the craze on some tops. Not that I’m complaining…


Topshop Mexican Smock, 25pounds. On second thoughts, this may be a little too bohemian looking for me.


Topshop Smock Fairisle Top, 28pounds. The colourful smock details are very adorable. But the knitted material may be a tad too thick for the tropics.

urbn-mexicana-dress.jpg urbn-mexicana-dress-black.jpg

Urban Outfitters Mexicana dress in blue and black, USD78. A tad overpriced but I think the blue one is ultra cute.


Dorothy Perkins Smock Top in blue and red, 25pounds. I saw the blue one in the store, I think it was around S$75. I tried it on, very nice fit, floaty and breezy although a tad too sheer to be worn just like that. I think the red one is nicer.


Okay, this last piece may not look Mexican at all but I can’t resist putting this up! So adorable and pretty, don’t you think? Topshop, 35pounds. Gulps.



1 Response to "All Things Mexicana"

I really don’t like this kind of clothes.. and this embroideries are so ugly….


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