Topshop tops it

Posted on: June 21, 2007

Pardon the cheesy title but the store of the moment for both SB and I is definitely topshop. I’ve been stocking on their basic designs. Affordable, trendy and of decent quality. What not to love…

Of course the flipside is probably everyone on the streets wear them too. But oh wells, this is what i can afford for now. 🙂 They are great for school or days out! Loves.

Besides the basic tops, im very much in love with everything else in the shop.

Lovin’ the brown base and neon colours contrast. Just read iamfashion and neon colours are the in things right now 🙂

The square/ rectangularish necklines are definitely a must have for now. A thank god move away from the done to death kimono inspired v neck tops. Love the lace trimmings on this. The grey might be slightly drabby but can be spiced up with gold accessories 🙂

I actually got something similar to this in dark pink. The cutting looks a bit dowdy but paired with tights, it tied the look together. The top has simple dotted details.

I like the lace hem at the end of the dress. Very chic casual. But the colour just seems a bit off for me at the moment. Need to see it in flesh. Heh.

 So lovin’ topshop. Check out their webbie!



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