The Ultimate Guide to Online Shopping

Posted on: June 18, 2007

Here it is. Our years-long secret (ha ha)  at wasting money online. If you live in Singapore and always wonder how people get their online shopping fix, wonder no more.

Some simply just click on Yahoo Auctions or Ebay! These are okay sites, for mostly secondhand goods.

The thrill comes in getting those goodies from American-based websites which don’t ship out internationally. You want to get something from Forever 21 in the US but don’t know how? Simple. Just go to one of these webs belows:

The most important thing is to have an LJ account and best of all, it’s free! For steps beyond this, you may always refer to the T&Cs on the respective websites.

So quick, go get that Junk Food tee at a fraction of what they’re selling in stores. Or that Forever 21 dress they never ship in to the stores here. Or fancy an authentic Coach wristlet that sells for a little less than they do in the boutiques?

Click ahead. Have fun shopping. We sure did.



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