Purchase Updates

Posted on: June 18, 2007

SW has lay very low in the online shopping radar lately. On the other hand, I haven’t learn my lesson. Still.

Yes, despite a minor glitch where an organiser delayed my refund for almost two months, I’m still fervently clicking the mouse (ok liar, I hate using the mouse for my laptop) and pushing the buttons to spend away what very little dollars I have left.

The stuffs that came were worth the wait, really.


Forever 21 tunic top. I got it in white.


Oh pls ignore the messed-up model. Just concentrate on the lovely mustard tote. It’s so roomy and the fleather (fake leather) is soft and lovely.


It finally came, lah! Very lovely shade of blue. The picture didn’t lie.


This, however, was a disappointment. This lovely knitted top from Asos was too huge on me. Any takers? It’s a UK 10 and is still brand new.

And then I ordered some more. I hope they’re in stock and wont get lost in the mail.


Aeropostale tunic top. It was on sale! How not to resist? Besides, I’ve always wanted a banded bottom top.


A casual black dress from Forever 21. I can’t wait for this item the most! Think my silver Topshop gladiator sandals and bangles. Haha. And a huge bag.


Cute babydoll top from Kimchi&Blue at Urban Outfitters. I’ve never had something so yellow before so I hope this’ll be ok!


And finally, a fitted shirt in white from Wetseal. Smart casual with jeans and flip flops.


And finally, a mod Threadless tee. I love how the umbrellas are like sheltering the ahem, chest part. :p

Okay, yes, that’s all. Damage done and cannot be reversed (unless of course, item gets outta stock and I get my refund. But who wants refunds when you can get the item, right?)

What have you bought lately?



2 Responses to "Purchase Updates"

Hey. What size did you get for the white shirt? As in how’s the sizing like? Cos I wanna get one too. Thanks

Hi Angela, I got an M for it and am a local M too. It fits great! Very fitting yet I was still able to breathe 🙂

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