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It’s that time of the year when undergrads here are either busy looking for jobs or internships. Being full-time students except when the long vacation break kicks in, we tend to look (at least in my opinion) rather gawky and very unsuitable for formal/office attire. But alas, when the occasion calls for such, we tend to have no choice but to stick to the usual boring black formal pants and long-sleeved shirts in whatever block colours they have like this:

Not only can this be boring, but being relatively poorer than full-time workers, we tend to buy shirts off any rack and the cutting and fit may not be nice at all. So that’s why I cringe and dread everytime the dress code screams formal and office wear.  Somehow, we young ones tend to look like poor waitresses instead of killer office workers. Haha.

Oh wells, but being young 20-somethings at a job for only a couple of months, we should really steer away from the usual pants-longsleeved-shirts combo. At the same time, we wouldn’t wanna look to sloppy either. So if you’re thinking of something else than a long-sleeved shirt, it should never be too low-cut, sheer or frilly till it makes you look like a flamenco dancer gone wrong. If your work/intern place permits, here are some suggestions below:

A short-sleeved cardigan long enough to hit the hips paired with solid grey pants. A classic monochrome outfit that wouldn’t scream boring but is yet safe.

A similar outfit, but this time with black pants and a silk jacket used as a top. Would look so sweet with flats.

This pintucked blouse is so adorable. They’re not frills or ruffles and yet they exude the same romantic flair without being OTT.

Perhaps if you get sick of pants, this skirt-blouse combo would be pretty awesome too.

This blouse, a cross between something masculine (the pockets) and feminine (the banded ribbon hem and sleeves) would make a really sweet ‘formal’ wear.

Okay, this may be a tad too casual since in this pic, it’s paired with jeans. But a little tweaking with pants would still be great. 🙂

Not sure if the flare and cap sleeves would be abit too obscene in the office but maybe cover it up with a swing jacket or something? 😉

Alright, while some workplaces may totally frown upon these suggestions, deeming it work inappropriate, I’d totally welcome my employees to be dressed in them if I ever own a company. Ha ha. Too bad law undergrads have no choice but to look like this (below) during their moot sessions and such. Poor SW.

Or should I say killer lawyers? Hur hur. 😉

Ps: The title is a play on both formal and informal wear, if you never got it. Oh, how I wish I was Shakespeare who does word puns without having to explain himself. -_-