Robert Rodriguez

Posted on: April 20, 2007

I was watching an old episode of The Tyra Show just now and she featured some hot young designers to look out for. Although the designers didn’t really look, erm, young, their creations were really commendable. The first designer struck me the most. Robert Rodriguez (a name that already sounds so fashionable) has some of the simplest yet flattering creations. I couldn’t find the exact navy blue dress that the model on the show wore but judging from these two below, I conclude he makes really pretty but modern twists of the LBD…

I love the ruffled effect on the first – not too much nor too little. And the second – did I tell you I completely adore eyelets? And the scoopneck and puffy sleeves do the trick. Available on revolveclothing and eluxury respectively.

Oh ya, the girls from The Hills – LC, Whitney and Audrina – were all present in the above-mentioned episode of The Tyra Show. Whitney, as usual, looked stunning, as they each gave comments after a ‘runway show’.  I can’t wait for The Hills 3 to premiere.



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