Purchase Updates

Posted on: April 17, 2007

Nope, contrary to popular belief (assuming there was one to begin with), both SW and I aren’t dead yet. 🙂 School’s been a bummer as usual and we haven’t had the mood nor time to visit WordPress for updates. And unfortunately, it’ll remain so because in a week or so, we’ll be facing the dreaded exams. 😦

But here’s a quick update on some gems I’ve found. I didn’t quite realise I found their cheaper alternatives around town. 🙂

Hokay, I’m a poor student so I can’t really afford this MJ baby. 😦 But SW alerted me to this tiny shop located in one of the Eastern heartland malls which sells tons of good quality inspired totes. I dropped by the place today and got this baby for about $50. A raw deal from the real deal, I must say. And it’s of superb quality and looks exactly like MJ’s. Haha. I can’t wait to use it! Ps: SW is head over heels in love with Hilary Duff and we suspect she owns more than one of these Hudsons!

That’s DVF’s Beach dress in chocolate zebra prints. SW and I bought the exact copy of this at our nearby mall! It was on 50% off from its usual price of about $65. We’re thinking of pairing a plain tee underneath this zebra babydoll. 🙂 We finally got ourselves a dress, SW!

And I got this Dorothy Perkins jumper tunic for only $23. Apparently Topshop sells it for the same price too. I layer it with a plain tee and pair it with black capris. There was one day when i wore it with cuffed jeans too, heh. I’m really into these kinda tops to hide the hideous amount of flabs I’ve been piling on lately. 😦

Forever 21’s etched floral bangle is so pretty but I got one at a local accessories store for half the price. 🙂 It’ll be great with my printed skirts or vintage tees.

And I was never a ring-girl before this but I’m loving how a simple accessory on the finger can brighten up an outfit. I hate wearing earrings or necklaces so I need something else. 😉 Anyway, I got this ring for again, half the price at F21. I got another ring, albeit a little pricier, from DP but alas, I can’t scour for the online picture. It’s basically very chunky, with one huge jade-like stone and two smaller stones in emerald and cream (or something).

And online, I purchased a light tan tote and a rimmel blusher which SW raves about. Will share about them once they arrive!

After such damage done to my wallet, I need to ‘punish’ myself with the piles of readings waiting for me. Till then, much love from SW and I. 😀



5 Responses to "Purchase Updates"

hi, i am interested to know where did you get that bag from!! Its so nice!! =) please email me the place you get it from.. thanks loads

hi val, that bag is the real marc jacobs’ striped hudson bag. i believe you can find them at any marc jacobs boutique 🙂 as for me, i bought a knockoff. :p are u frm singapore? if so, i could tell you the shop in detail.

eh yeah hey where do you get your knockoffs from!

hey dear, can you kindly tell me where you actually get such good deals for bags? would like to get one of these!

hi girls, i bought mine a year ago at white sands, at this shop called m.e.l i think. they sell pretty good knockoffs at about $40-$50 but for the quality i must say they’re worth it! they also have a newer outlet at tamp mall, second floor at the new wing. 🙂

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