Little Miss for Everyone

Posted on: February 21, 2007

Im lovin’ the cute latest junk food series of little miss with different captions and expressions. Oh, how so cute and adorable. And its selling at alltherage for 35 sgd. I dont know if that is worth it for a junk food tee especially with sale on junk food can go as low as 9.99 usd. Makes it a tad un worth it. Or maybe just me turning prudish 🙂 *pats back*

The cool thing about the series is probably how u can get a tee that describes you. Heh.

Heh, perfect for SB. *inside joke* Oh, and maybe light yellow will look good on SB as well. Hehe

Haha, such a cute caption. I can just think a few perfect for the tee. Including SB and I 🙂

Ah, more befitting for me. Haha

Err this one is here coz i love the light purple shade. Unique. But im definitely not little miss helpful. Haha

Oh love this shade of green also. Minty green. Miss bossy? Hmm.

Oh and maybe how about little miss shopaholic? Haha



2 Responses to "Little Miss for Everyone"

i’m stubborn and ditzy! these tees are cute! feel tempted to get one (or two) and layer. any chance they may go on discount?

oh i dont tink anytime soon. unless go on sale and sell as cheep as 9.99 usd but prob gotta wait long coz they are recent designs. but i tink 35 is quite a steal actually.coz some webbies sell it as much as 49 sgd or more. 😦

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