Tiffany Tinklets

Posted on: February 18, 2007

Clothes has lost its appeal on SB and I. Not sure why, but im just scouting around for staples in terms of clothing. Everything looks the same in shops 😦

But we’ve been on the hunt for bags, accessories and i gotta say i’m really in love with tiffany. Should heed my mum’s advice of halting my rubbish purchases and save for proper pieces that can last me through times.

Look at the gems, err rather silvers from the tiffany silver collection which im dying to own!

I already have the toggle bracelet. But this one is a charm-er as well. I like the heart with the engravings. Makes it unique in a way. Well incredibly silly to buy 2 of the same similar things right. Heh

Cushion toggle. This is a tad different from the chunky chains which SB oh so hate. So maybe she might like this more. More delicate and mature. Nice to layer with my toggle charm bracelet. 🙂

On a serious want and prowl for chunky rings! This tiffany knots ring is fab. Love the design, width and is really simple yet classy.

By Paloma Picasso. Another winner in my search for rings. Lurves the twisted heart effect.

Something that super screams tiffany yet not tacky. Kinda like this piece. Abit masculine looking though.

Urging SB to get this for her birthday. Simple (true to SB style) yet not plain and drab. 🙂



6 Responses to "Tiffany Tinklets"

i like the first ring! bracelets can be quiet a waste on me as they get hidden under my long sleeves, necklaces too under my scarves, unless they are super long. any idea on the price range of the rings?

Hi Zak. You can check out the price range on the Tiffany website. Though its in USD.

yups the prices are there. roughly rings are around 340 to 360 sgd. 🙂 nice aye hurhur

340 to 360 sgd? gulp.. that can buy me like, anything between 5 to 10 forever21 tops? guess i’ll just stick with costume jewellery. haha. or let it wait til my first proper bonus in erm, 2 to 3 years’ time? sigh.

zak, why don’t u get it for that special 21st bdae coming up? 😉

hahaha.yesh yesh pls get it for 21st bdae. den i can get with u as well. i want!

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