Makeup madness

Posted on: February 18, 2007

My makeup skills are really quite pathetic. But im really intrigued by how makeup can transform people especially eye makeup which is a precious skill to master.

Anyway makeup stuffs are really pretty and oh-so-tantalising yet such a waste of money in some sense. But this pretty blush from Clinique is gorgeous

My, so pretty. But its 53 sgd. That is super pricey for a blusher i guess especially after i have my MAC one. Hmm, but i read it doubles up as a bronzer. How convenient. Love the combi of colours in this one, dark swept with pink tones will be uber pretty.

Make up store, a Swedish brand if im not wrong has powder blushers which are a tad too grainy for my liking. But when i saw their duo creme blusher, gotta say it has nice shades for blending. Only worry: will make me look shiny and streaky. Need the proper skill i guess.

Saw the post on iamfashion on a gel liner by Bobbi Brown and saw this on the clinique webbie as well. All these liquid/ gel liners are very appealing.

From the webbie, it seems ideal for smoky looks and its definitely an easier way to apply than the normal liquid liner, i think. Probably easier to control.

Feel like getting an eyeliner in black or brown. Since currently using the eyeliner from Make up store in smoke. This is pretty good. Friends say it doesn’t smudge yet really glides on easily.



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