Make Me Beautiful

Posted on: February 18, 2007

Haha ok, the title is lame. You know how SW and I were clothes whore? Yes, it’s shameful. We spend on junk but we neglect our skin care. *Blushes* So ok, good skin begins with the right steps, yes? It sucks we aren’t blessed with smooth blemish-free skin. So we have to fall prey to skin products!

SW recommended me this Kose whitening mask that she swears works. I trust her and after the first try, boy, I was impressed! I have stubborn blackheads on the nose and no matter what silly porepack I use, it won’t go away. Somehow this whitening peel-off mask actually managed to do that. 🙂 I think it’s lightening some blemishes too. It’s actually a very dark blue (almost black) paste you smear all over the face and wait for about 20 mins for it to dry. Afterwhich, some ant-bite painful peeling ensues. It hurts to peel it off, especially at the delicate forehead area but for its results, I can endure. And as sadistic as this may sound, the pain was a nice feeling. Haha. Get it for abt SGD28 for a 75ml tube at selected beauty shops.

Next was this Origins Modern Friction. It’s some micro-dermabrasion paste that’s supposed to remove dead skin cells and make your face glow and stuffs. It’s kinda that visit to the dermatologist for the real micro-dermabrasion thing, but less strong. I use it once a week. It smells of rice paste and has this thick gooey texture. After one use, you can really run your fingers over your face and feel it much much smoother. Evens out the skin, I suppose. Retailing for about SGD75 if I’m not wrong.

And lastly, another one from Origins. A simple facial wash that smells of peppermint. It’s a normal cleanser. Was just thinking of switching cleansers cos the current St Ives facial scrub that I use as my daily cleanser is said to be too harsh for the skin. This frothy wash is fine, doesn’t leave my face too dry nor oily after the wash. Using the current sample size, so not sure how much it’s retailing for.



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