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Im lovin’ the cute latest junk food series of little miss with different captions and expressions. Oh, how so cute and adorable. And its selling at alltherage for 35 sgd. I dont know if that is worth it for a junk food tee especially with sale on junk food can go as low as 9.99 usd. Makes it a tad un worth it. Or maybe just me turning prudish 🙂 *pats back*

The cool thing about the series is probably how u can get a tee that describes you. Heh.

Heh, perfect for SB. *inside joke* Oh, and maybe light yellow will look good on SB as well. Hehe

Haha, such a cute caption. I can just think a few perfect for the tee. Including SB and I 🙂

Ah, more befitting for me. Haha

Err this one is here coz i love the light purple shade. Unique. But im definitely not little miss helpful. Haha

Oh love this shade of green also. Minty green. Miss bossy? Hmm.

Oh and maybe how about little miss shopaholic? Haha



Haha ok, the title is lame. You know how SW and I were clothes whore? Yes, it’s shameful. We spend on junk but we neglect our skin care. *Blushes* So ok, good skin begins with the right steps, yes? It sucks we aren’t blessed with smooth blemish-free skin. So we have to fall prey to skin products!

SW recommended me this Kose whitening mask that she swears works. I trust her and after the first try, boy, I was impressed! I have stubborn blackheads on the nose and no matter what silly porepack I use, it won’t go away. Somehow this whitening peel-off mask actually managed to do that. 🙂 I think it’s lightening some blemishes too. It’s actually a very dark blue (almost black) paste you smear all over the face and wait for about 20 mins for it to dry. Afterwhich, some ant-bite painful peeling ensues. It hurts to peel it off, especially at the delicate forehead area but for its results, I can endure. And as sadistic as this may sound, the pain was a nice feeling. Haha. Get it for abt SGD28 for a 75ml tube at selected beauty shops.

Next was this Origins Modern Friction. It’s some micro-dermabrasion paste that’s supposed to remove dead skin cells and make your face glow and stuffs. It’s kinda that visit to the dermatologist for the real micro-dermabrasion thing, but less strong. I use it once a week. It smells of rice paste and has this thick gooey texture. After one use, you can really run your fingers over your face and feel it much much smoother. Evens out the skin, I suppose. Retailing for about SGD75 if I’m not wrong.

And lastly, another one from Origins. A simple facial wash that smells of peppermint. It’s a normal cleanser. Was just thinking of switching cleansers cos the current St Ives facial scrub that I use as my daily cleanser is said to be too harsh for the skin. This frothy wash is fine, doesn’t leave my face too dry nor oily after the wash. Using the current sample size, so not sure how much it’s retailing for.


Besides their quilted flap bag which i always thought wasn’t soo nice till i keep seeing it around, Chanel has a superb fantabulous offering of bags. All not necessarily embossed with monograms yet so effortlessly tells you it is Chanel. So distinctive.

Just look…

This is the closest bag i saw on the Chanel website to the one Heidi and Nicky own. But i lurrrve this bag. The straps, the chains, the size, the texture…Drools

Another superb one.

Love the logo up front.on this piece. And the signature chain like straps.

From last season’s collection. Probably few patent peices that I truly like.

Loves all 🙂


It seems that quilted boxy handbags are still the favourite among celebs. Spotted some Chanel ones too. 🙂 Shall start with the least favourite one of all.

I’m not so sure what bag Ashlee is carrying here. Very boxy and I don’t quite like the long straps.

Even Kate’s tiny wristlet bears the quilts. See what I mean?


And then Mischa was spotte carryingd similar flap quilt bags. Not so sure if they’re Marc Jacobs’ or Chanel’s. I don’t fancy the metallic silver one at all. Makes it look too space-y and cheap. The black, I don’t mind. 🙂

This lovely red flap blag is definitely Chanel.  It’s very quirky vintage and not everyone can carry it off. Here, MK has personalised it by knotting a scarf on its chain straps.

Last and definitely SW and my favourites’ has gotta be the one Nicky is carrying. Heidi Montag from The Hills has the same one too. We love how it’s classy, roomy and very functional looking.

When will that first Chanel buy be….Hmm.


My makeup skills are really quite pathetic. But im really intrigued by how makeup can transform people especially eye makeup which is a precious skill to master.

Anyway makeup stuffs are really pretty and oh-so-tantalising yet such a waste of money in some sense. But this pretty blush from Clinique is gorgeous

My, so pretty. But its 53 sgd. That is super pricey for a blusher i guess especially after i have my MAC one. Hmm, but i read it doubles up as a bronzer. How convenient. Love the combi of colours in this one, dark swept with pink tones will be uber pretty.

Make up store, a Swedish brand if im not wrong has powder blushers which are a tad too grainy for my liking. But when i saw their duo creme blusher, gotta say it has nice shades for blending. Only worry: will make me look shiny and streaky. Need the proper skill i guess.

Saw the post on iamfashion on a gel liner by Bobbi Brown and saw this on the clinique webbie as well. All these liquid/ gel liners are very appealing.

From the webbie, it seems ideal for smoky looks and its definitely an easier way to apply than the normal liquid liner, i think. Probably easier to control.

Feel like getting an eyeliner in black or brown. Since currently using the eyeliner from Make up store in smoke. This is pretty good. Friends say it doesn’t smudge yet really glides on easily.


Clothes has lost its appeal on SB and I. Not sure why, but im just scouting around for staples in terms of clothing. Everything looks the same in shops 😦

But we’ve been on the hunt for bags, accessories and i gotta say i’m really in love with tiffany. Should heed my mum’s advice of halting my rubbish purchases and save for proper pieces that can last me through times.

Look at the gems, err rather silvers from the tiffany silver collection which im dying to own!

I already have the toggle bracelet. But this one is a charm-er as well. I like the heart with the engravings. Makes it unique in a way. Well incredibly silly to buy 2 of the same similar things right. Heh

Cushion toggle. This is a tad different from the chunky chains which SB oh so hate. So maybe she might like this more. More delicate and mature. Nice to layer with my toggle charm bracelet. 🙂

On a serious want and prowl for chunky rings! This tiffany knots ring is fab. Love the design, width and is really simple yet classy.

By Paloma Picasso. Another winner in my search for rings. Lurves the twisted heart effect.

Something that super screams tiffany yet not tacky. Kinda like this piece. Abit masculine looking though.

Urging SB to get this for her birthday. Simple (true to SB style) yet not plain and drab. 🙂


I don’t care if anyone says flip flops are floppy footwear. Yes, they may be. But they’re super comfy. No blisters, no sweaty feet. My fave brand of flip flops- Havaianas- has just come up with the latest range this summer 07 season. They call it the Slim range. You’ll know why.

Get it? The straps are slimmer than the usual range. I lovelovelove the brown floral ones. Ohmy. But I’m not sure if the slim straps would look good on my feet. So in any case, I settled for the usual range of metallics. 😀

This gold baby shall arrive in a few weeks’ time. 🙂 I love how Havas are so versatile. With cropped jeans, jeans, boho skirts, printed skirts, bermuda shorts, capris. Oh God. Did I just mention all bottoms possible? Haha. Okay, workwear pants not included.