Bag Fetish: MJ

Posted on: January 9, 2007

I know Marc Jacobs’ bags are nowhere near the status of LV, Dior and Gucci over here but I can’t help but fall in love with some of his collections. I’m talking about his premier collection, not Marc by Marc Jacobs collection cos some from the latter can look really cheap. Enough talk, let’s ogle…

I’m loving this Striped Hudson bag. It gives a nice vintage vibe and would totally rock with a tee and jeans, even.

This Mischa is such a vintage cutie. Aptly named after The OC lass who is well known for her quirky style. And it’s quilted. Oh, how I love quilts on my bag.

This Karen Python Handle looks something like LV’s leopard-print one. I wonder who’s copying who. Anyways, I love the subtle python skin here and marbled-like chains and clasps.  Waddya call them?

And if there’s one thing I can perhaps start off with from his more affordable collection, it’s this monogrammed leather pouchette. I love the faded monos and brass hardware on the pockets.

And I think I figure why MJ bags are not a common sight here. They lack the monogrammes everyone are crazy about. 😉



3 Responses to "Bag Fetish: MJ"

I think I’m in love with the striped hudson! Mmmm baby. MJ makes great stuff – and I love the fact that there are no monogrammed logos all over his bags – the ubiquitous C’s and LV’s can be quite lame…

thanks for posting the pictures of the beautiful bags! im finally making up my mind and im getting the striped hudson bag for my 18th birthday. thanks much for your help, girlies

The striped hudson is really my favorite. Great post!

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