Bergdorf Blondes

Posted on: December 20, 2006

Has anyone read this yet? Since it was a rainy holidays, I got the chance to curl up in bed and get down to some serious chick lit reading. It basically chronicled the lives of rich and pretty socialities (think not of Paris Hilton) in the quest of love and anything fashionable. It started off rather slow and confusing, what with all the acronyms the protagonist ‘moi’ gave to words like Prospective Husbands (PH), private jets (PJs) and anorexic (ana) and the likes. The storyline got very predictible once a very cute guy was mentioned with passing disdain by ‘moi’, as in any other chick lits but what I love about this book was its detailed description of dresses worn by important people in the book. I drooled everytime I read ‘moi’ describe her outfits and those of her socialite friends. It’s a good no-brainer book you should read if you’re curious about the lives of the rich and fashionable. And if you love Chanel, Valentino, Zac Posen…

Meantime, Becky Bloomwood’s returning with a new baby! Check out the latest addition to our favourite Shopaholic series sometime next year…

Can’t wait! 😀



1 Response to "Bergdorf Blondes"

Great book to curl up with and read — on my private jet! Only way to read (as long as I’m not flying that private aircraft).

T Man
“Take Flight!”

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