UO lovin’ – shoes

Posted on: December 18, 2006

I’ve always been a flip flops, birks girl. And i have a few covered shoes, wedges here and there which i never really wear. I should really look out for more shoes and pay attention to them.

And after viewing UO, i absolutely adore the covered shoes/ pumps they offer there. So many i want to feature. So do go see for yourself, these here are my favs, so far 🙂 – and most are basic shoes, which are must haves for everyone!

A simple plain black pair of comfy flats, which sadly i’ve yet to have. Time to hunt for one. Will be great with my new skinny pants/ jeans.

Lovin the pointy effect here. And the black white combi is sweet yet elegant. Don’t know why but reminds me of marc jacobs. Heh

Cut out flats. SB and I saw a nice pair at Nose the other day but sadly did not have our sizes. This one is a sweet pair in pink.

Another must have basic pair of shoes. A one in off-white. And this one has a cute elastic strap across. Looks velvety soft too

Oh a silver pair of flats is a DEFINITELY must have. I have two pairs and love them. Cause they are really a versatile colour.  Matches with anything and everything. This one has a different twist with the tie across, very ballet like shoes.

Another marc jacobs inspired design. But this one has a slight mini wedge (i like!). And the deep shade of burgundy and the patent effect makes it drool-worthy 🙂

 I want all of them!



2 Responses to "UO lovin’ – shoes"

for cheaper n more convenient alternatives, metro cs stocks quite a number of flats in similar designs. i think i’ve seen e pointy ribbon, cutout and ruched off white designs there before.

haha its okay. at least that shows u read our posts religiously. okie shall look out at metro coz ive been on the hunt for nice flats of late!

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