Dress rage- plain

Posted on: December 18, 2006

While surfing on shopbop,  i saw soo many plain casual dresses. One great thing bout plain dresses are the endless possibilities how you can play it up. Pair them with bottoms, accessorise, spunky shoes and the list goes on. 🙂

Another simple shirtdress yet with a twist. Cuffed ruffly hem at the end. Can pair this with tights to layer as well

There were quite a selection of jumper dresses available. Great for layering with a henley/ plain top on the inside or you can wear it on your own. My personal favourite out of the lot coz of the cinched waist.

A boat neck t shirt dress is always a must. Can never go wrong with this. Key to spicing it up should be a belt and accessories. But please do not go overboard 🙂

The sleeves and overall slouchy effect of this gives off a very peasant-like vibe. Nice, looks great with tights.

This dress is probably the most formal looking out of the lot. Somehow it gives a very greek goddess feel with all the ruches, twisting around of fabric and the flowy cloth. Had many other colours and is on sale 🙂



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