Purchase Updates: SB

Posted on: December 14, 2006

Yes, I’m financially strapped right now during the sale season all no thanks to online shopping. To cheer myself up, let’s review some of the stuffs that have arrived in the mail šŸ™‚


I purchased this comfy thermal top from Nordstrom but mine’s in green with bird prints. I really love the fit and length. Great for cooler days for school. I’m still thinking what else would look great with thermals besides jeans…

Yup, SW and I both have this top from Target. I really love it! From the details at the bust, colour, print and length. It’d look great with my new pair of black gauchos too! šŸ˜€

This lacey tunic from Forever 21 came in the mail yesterday. I love the tunic cutting and all but am a little disappointed and worried about the lacey bit. It’s kinda more of a ‘cut-out’ rather than lace. It doesn’t go all the way to my bust area but I guess I’d have to show abit of skin around the upper chest? Or sew smth on? Haha. In any case, it’s a sweet and classic tunic which I love.

Oh, please don’t scold me for buying a tee after all the No-to-tees rage awhile back. Hee. I couldn’t resist Threadless’ sale and this gray faded print tee. It’s a little different from Threadless’ loud and bright prints and guess what? I’ve worn it already! Haha.

Another super buy! A red patent Balenciaga-inspired tote. SW has it in white and with its super cheap price, it’s a superb deal, we tell ya. I can’t help but keep using this bag whenever I go out, heh.

With the same vintage Target tee that SW has featured in the previous post and the skinny belt in gold, that pretty much sums up how I am in this state of poverty. Hah. New year’s resolution: Save every month till we can splurge on a Speedy, ya SW? Hurhur.



2 Responses to "Purchase Updates: SB"

I like the Balenciaga-inspired tote too. I had one but it was stolen Pffttt! It is so versatile and I can practically chuck everything into it. I am looking to buy a new one. Where did you get yours?

hey we bought it online. i tink the person we got it from bought it in bulk from a supplier. But yap we love the balenciaga alot šŸ˜€

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