The Last Kiss

Posted on: December 13, 2006

SW and I caught The Last Kiss yesterday. It’s a bittersweet movie that dealt with issues of the heart and we particularly liked how the script aptly described love and the sorts. But perhaps more eye-catching was of course, Rachel Bilson’s wardrobe. 😀 Playing a sweetie-pie college student who in the end seduced Zach Braff’s character, we commented on how put-together her vintage outfits were.

This particular empire-cut dress was so lovely. It was red with some pattern on it and had a silver underlining material beneath it. She paired it with a belt below the bust area and with a stacked shoe, she was lovely at the wedding party.

Arguably this outfit was very Summer (The OC) for her. It’s basically a tank top, jacket, floral skirt with a leather belt and boots. SW and I loved her pattern skirt.

Okay, this outfit didn’t scream fantabulous or anything. But I remember seeing a similar babydoll top from Forever 21.

In any case, the movie didn’t have much nice clothes to rave about. Perhaps The Holiday has more in store for Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz? Shall see tomorrow.



13 Responses to "The Last Kiss"

Who was Rachel’s Red empire dress by?

Hi Lauryn, I’m not sure who it’s by. Been trying to search for it but to no avail 😦

In the second picture rachel was wearing boots, do you know possibly what brand they were?

did you ever find out? I am curious as well- they were really cute

This doesnt have anything to do with Rachel Bilson but this is the only site that i found talking about dresses in the Last Kiss….Im looking for the dress that Jacinda Barrett wore to their friends wedding in the movie. It was a champagne colored dress. Any ideas?

Hi Emily, we’re not so sure where that dress came from. Sorry but thanks for dropping by! 🙂

please can you find the desinger of that dress in the picture of rachel bilson wears in the last kiss to the wedding please!


do you know where to get a similar floral mini skirt (like in pic #2) i really love it!

There was a silk robe that Zack gf wore in a couple of the scenes. I am curious if you can out the details of that skirt or point me in a directino to find a similiar one. My GF told me tonight she wants one like it. I have been searching and searching and stumbled on your website. Please help!!!!


I have the same question as Ian does, where can I find a silk robe similar to Zack’s gf in The Last Kiss, its gorgeous!!!


PLEASE!!! Does anyone know how to find who made the dress Jacinda Barrett wore to the wedding party!? I have been looking for years!

Has anyone discovered the exact boots she was wearing in the second picture because I am dying to buy them. they are gorgeous!

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