Trend Watch: Jumpers

Posted on: December 9, 2006

Hmph. SW beat me to the jumper fad. Anyways, I scouted for more online and let’s all drool!

This brown jumper from Wetseal is adorable with its huge plastic buttons!

This sweater material jumper from Alloy looks very soft and comfy. The ribbon details on the buttons are a bonus too!

This knitted jumper from UO is rather long and is actually more of a jumper dress. Simple and lovely, nonetheless.

Another one from UO but it gives a good-girl-turned-naughty vibe. Maybe it’s the boots, haha. But nice buckle detailings on the straps and pockets.

If you must wear jumpers over in tropical Asia, we suggest plain cotton round necks inside and flats instead of boots. I suppose boots will complete the whole look but I’d rather not have stinky feet. 😦

Oh, I must get tight black capris or straight cut slim jeans. Boo! (Cos I don’t wanna wear leggings.)



2 Responses to "Trend Watch: Jumpers"

finally, you guys updated! i had been contributing to many of ur hits cos i was so bored but i keep finding nothing new to read. hey a jumper trend is great for me cos i can layer over plain tops! which i’m already doing, i layer baby doll tops or halter necks over my long sleeves. which online place carries a great range? i wanna feast my eyes too!

Hey f21 is stocking up alot on jumpers. Some are not clear cut jumpers but basically, can improvise. Pore over!

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