Of new fashion fads

Posted on: December 9, 2006

Exams just ended and been involved in a flurry of activities, sorry for lack of updates!

Anyways, since its now winter over in other countries, the thermal rage is HUGELY visible. Forever21 stocks them on a daily basis on the webbie! I always thought thermals are pretty cute but a tad unsuitable for our hot weather. BUT, i gotta say primp thermals are definitely a huge thumbs up!

All sorts of celebs have been seen in ’em, and they come in a range of different designs. Im lovin’ the rabbit and anchor prints!

So long sleeved ones are not soo practical in the sunny country. And mandee has an all over print type tee,  with cute club prints! I heart it alot. Its a twist to normal tees design, but SB told me i would look like a walking poker card!

Anyways, we realised Marc Jacobs has soo many of his signature jumpers with tee/ top worn inside like this:

Oh, and we realised how good this combo looks. Especially with skinnies and tights. 😀

So we scouted for some jumpers. And saw this really nice cheap one from forever 21

Polka dots, jumper, affordable. Need we say more?

And i scouted around saw this cute, slightly more pricey one. But this has a really nice vintagey print:)

To more jumpers scouting!



1 Response to "Of new fashion fads"

and i was just falling in love with the many thermal tops at forever21! unsuitable for our hot weather but great for freezing hour-long train commutes and lecture / tutorial rooms?

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