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Embrace the new year with these great patterns. If you’re too scared to wear them on your tops (like me), get them in miniature. Like headbands, for instance.

Tartans/plaids are great this fall.

And so are houndstooths. I much prefer this for its mod vibe. Somehow plaids just remind me of nerdy schoolgirls. Hee. No offence meant!



I’m still into the jumper craze. Just last night, I bought this fabulous gray flowy sleeveless top complete with braid accents on its straps and neckline and am gonna turn it into a jumper! 😀

SW and I also tried on this really gorgeous jumper from Forever 21. There are more online, like these below. Shall just let the pictures do the talking…


Once again, pair them with leggings or black capris. It’d be best if they end mid-calf. Yay to jumpers!


Just watched Material Girls. It’s a fun, cutesy and girly movie. Plus, the two lead actresses were garbed in pretty clothes most of the time. 🙂

Even when they’re pretending to be cleaners-cum-PIs, they had to carry the huge Balenciagas around. Hehe. I’m lovin’ both colours.

I love Haylie’s casual boho look here. The layered necklaces, tank and skirt. The studded Be&D bag that LC used in Laguna Beach also looks good in metallic gold. And of cos, Hilary’s Speedy is a classic.

The Duff sisters are also lookin’ good with more layered necklaces, chunky earrings and rings. Is that a Chanel bangle I spy on Haylie?

Not really focusing on the beaded halter dresses but look at how classy it is to pair girly dresses with men’s watches? In the movie, Haylie’s gold Rolex was actually her father’s. Mix masculine watches with feminine dresses. Nice.

And if I saw correctly, Haylie carried a Chanel quilted flap bag in that scene. Love her dress, too. And SW, perhaps the newsboy cap should give you more inspiration here? 😉

If you’re bored with nothing to do, try giving Material Girls a shot. But beware, don’t expect a worthy movie. Just bear the lacklustre acting and plot and think of the eye candies (wardrobe and guys) as a neutralising factor, aye? 😉


Has anyone read this yet? Since it was a rainy holidays, I got the chance to curl up in bed and get down to some serious chick lit reading. It basically chronicled the lives of rich and pretty socialities (think not of Paris Hilton) in the quest of love and anything fashionable. It started off rather slow and confusing, what with all the acronyms the protagonist ‘moi’ gave to words like Prospective Husbands (PH), private jets (PJs) and anorexic (ana) and the likes. The storyline got very predictible once a very cute guy was mentioned with passing disdain by ‘moi’, as in any other chick lits but what I love about this book was its detailed description of dresses worn by important people in the book. I drooled everytime I read ‘moi’ describe her outfits and those of her socialite friends. It’s a good no-brainer book you should read if you’re curious about the lives of the rich and fashionable. And if you love Chanel, Valentino, Zac Posen…

Meantime, Becky Bloomwood’s returning with a new baby! Check out the latest addition to our favourite Shopaholic series sometime next year…

Can’t wait! 😀


While SW went ahead and got her gorgeous Tiffy bracelet (I don’t fancy the bicycle chains, hehe but hey, it’s Tiffany’s we’re talking about here!), my sis and I (together with dearest Daddy) decided to spring a surprise on my Mom’s advanced 43rd birthday celebration last night by presenting her a gorgeous diamond ring from Lee Hwa Jewellery:

It’s effing pretty. I understand why diamonds are a girl’s best friend now. Hurhur.

And it feels good buying it for a loved one too. Happy advanced 43rd Birthday, Mommy! 🙂


Haha i finally got my charm bracelet from tiffany. Too bad its going to take ONE WEEK to shorten it thanks to my puny wrist. But but i cant believe i got it. Spur of the moment act. And there were so many to choose from. Wondering whether to engrave anything on the heart itself. Probably some time later, after i get sick of wearing the bracelet. Heh

Here is my latest baby

Cant wait to collect it. Then i can get my turqoise box. Yay


SW calls this the “liver bag” cos of the multiple ruches on the bag. At first I thought they were really nice. Saw this on Victoria Beckham and Halle Berry first. It fits the casual tee/tank-jeans look.

And then recently on the set of her new movie, Sarah Michelle Gellar rocked the bag in city chic.

The real deal retails for US$1000 over.

But since there are so many rip-offs elsewhere, get one at US$38 over at Minus the Prada logo and quality, of cos. 🙂

But the more I look at this casual shopper tote, the more I’m beginning to hate it. Don’t blame Prada. Blame the rip-offs with poor quality. 😦