Say no to tees Part II

Posted on: November 18, 2006

Okie been actively scouting for non-tees tops 🙂 Apart from the superb stuff we saw on Target, here’s some others from Forever 21 and Wetseal

I thought this top is so cute. With the polka dot and stripey thing going on together. But SB didn’t fancy it much. Haha. But i still heart it and its in mustard! Never had a top this colour before.

This flowy, fluttery tops are so in now. I love this deep shade of royal purple here. Simple basic but can be accessorized. Can jus imagine this with simple jeans, a thick patent belt and some long necklace 🙂

Preppy look from Wetseal. I like the satin blouse and stripey pullover combo here. Nice. But probably a bit too old looking. Still really chic stuffs

Okay no tees. But this one is really cute although yet again SB begs to differ. Hmph. Well i thought this is really cute, like a kindergarten kid’s drawing! Stripey spunky graphic effect



2 Responses to "Say no to tees Part II"

I’m with your taste! The mustard and the combination of polka dots and stripes are just gorgeous..

Anyway, here’s a happy belated birthday SW!!!

haha thanks dearie. 🙂
yup i love the top loads, itching itching to get it. hurhurr


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