Non-tees part deux

Posted on: November 18, 2006

Carrying on our new found love for non-tshirts, SW and I have recently (and we mean real recent) bought a lovely mock ruffle polo top from dearest Target (below). It’s said to be a cross between a polo top and a ruffley top. Either way, it’s totally adorable! With subtle polka dots against sweet pink cotton, I can’t wait to pair this with jeans or black berm shorts and ballet flats!

As for alternative items, SW ordered a totally versatile plain tunic. Notice how the sleeves have been given a ruched twist? Really lovely. It can always be paired with a striking belt- either below the bust or the waist. 🙂

As for me, seeing how I really don’t own a polka dotted top, I went ahead with this. It’s a simple top with my fave puffy sleeves. And tunic tops are great!

And then SW pointed out this super gorgeous dress. I can imagine turning all girly and wearing it to err, special nights with the girls. Haha.

So what did we tell you? While Gap is already here and we have yet to check it out (darn the exams!), we are already wishing for Target to set up shop here. It’s really sucky they don’t ship internationally. But if you’re in Singapore, sign up for Singpost’s vPost or any other web concierge service to enjoy shopping from US webbies.


4 Responses to "Non-tees part deux"

yay to non-tees!!! tees don’t usually figure in my all-covered getup, except (the long-sleeved ones) during camps n outdoor events!

i love love love ruched sleeves too! aahh wish i could wear them..

yaps a pity ruched sleeves look better on the shorter sleeved clothes.
nvm, now alot of long sleeved printed thermals are in, kinda nice as well 🙂

i love t shirts i mean they can be so dressy as well as casual at the same time but after seeing ur latest take on tops i have also purchased quite a few of these 4m mango….newayz how do u guyz order from target? they dont deliver outside usa and i m in love with their screen tees plz help:(

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