Chloe, chloe, chloe

Posted on: November 18, 2006

I never got the fuss why Chloe is always raved upon when it comes to the designer bag world. Well, till i went to look around for Chloe bags. Their leather bags, are…superb!

Chloe Betty-This bag may not look fantastic. Yet its one of those basic bags you absolutely have to get. Its so versatile and will probably never go out of style! And i so absolutely love how this bag looks so luxuriously soft!

Chloe Edith- I always had a thing of bags with the one pocket up front. My, and now i know its from Chloe! More structured look here but it looks more formal. Probably coz of the leather, perfect for work 🙂

Chloe Ollie- Another chic bag. What can i say, love the detail. And the leather looks soft here too yet still the bag is not too slouchy. The studs add an edge 🙂

Whats a Chloe post without a Paddington. Loving the colour here. A tad shiny shimmery look.

And of course, i saw some other fab bags as well. Like these:

From Marc Jacobs. Another ruched effect bag. But i love this one, definitely classy. And the chain detail adds a nice feminine touch

Miu Miu Nappa. This bag looks buttery soft too 😀 But i love the simple clean lines here. Not overwhelming, definitely one of those must have basic leather bags.

Oh when is my first pay cheque ever coming in!



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love the chloe saskia

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