Pretty dainty things

Posted on: November 6, 2006

My accessories taste has always been more to chunky, bigger things compared to SB’s relatively more subdued dainty taste. Heh and maybe, just maybe i am following suit as well.

Look at some stuffs i saw at Asos and Forever 21 which i liked.

Oh i love the wire-y effect of this pair. And the abit abstract rose shape is a nice twist. Nice pair for evening events.

I always wanted a dainty pair of angel wings earrings. yet to find a nice pair. But i love this pair alot. Simple, sweet and has those tiny crystals studded. šŸ™‚

I saw Rocky from the latest season of Laguna Beach having something like this which i thought was pretty nice. A breakaway from my usual bangles or charm bracelets. Very suitable for dresses or skirts, something more girlish.

This is something similar from Forever21, more rustic feel though. And the design is somewhat less girlish than the above.

Speaking of bracelets and the likes, i really heart this! (though not dainty šŸ™‚ ) Some may say it looks too loud or tacky but it definitely looks good on the wrists of Nicole Ritchie. Ohh i can jus imagine this being paired with anything, from vintage tee to the likes of formal tops

Long necklaces are the rage now. But these simple layered necklaces are nice as well. Not like the old beady chunky necklaces. This types are more matte, simple and has less chunky effect. Nice



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