Say no to tees

Posted on: November 5, 2006

Well we are both on a bid to move away from tees although i just saw a cute cute tee on Wetseal 😦

Anways i realised how US webbies are very fond of henleys as its great for layering during the different seasons. Here, in my sunny country, henleys are kinda rare. Nonetheless, they are ideal for Sb and i in our bid to move away from the oh-so-standard tees. 😀

Simple short sleeved and in a neutral shade. It will go well with anything from jeans to even printed skirts. From american eagle.

Nice simple one from aeropostale. I like the neckline which is different and the lacey bit at the bottom. Gives it a very feminine twist. The rich blue colour will be superb if paired with white drawstring pants 🙂

A different twist by aeropostale yet again. Im loving the sweet flower design. Alas, a friend commented it looks like baby clothes! Sweet piece, can imagine it being paired with simple plain flowy skirts

Oh and i bought this too, to kick off my non-tees campaign

Saw something like this from forever 21 store a while back but did not carry the colour i wanted. Anyways, i love the ruched tunic effect here. And i don’t really have anything purple in my wardrobe *gasps*

 Say no to tees !!



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