Vest up

Posted on: November 4, 2006

I noticed the new obsession with vests. Or rather, a while ago but it just caught on to me. Went through Wetseal and Hottopic, and they are stocking up on nice vests. 🙂 Sadly, forever 21 has yet to catch the vest bug.

Wonder if i will ride on the trend and get one myself. 😀

Patterned vests are definitely a thumbs up compared to plain ones. Plain ones may make u look a tad ‘formal’ or akin to a waiter. Tweed will be a good option like this one featured.

This one is almsot similar to the top one but cropped. And i dont fancy much cropped stuffs, but a cropped vest definitely looks cute. Cuts down the formal and rigid look.

I heart the back detail but SB thinks its too much. Im loving the pinstriped design as well. 😀

Another tweed design. But this has a peter pan collared top. Makes it girly. Nice

Some tips on what to wear vests with (according to SW and SB)

  • long sleeves henley tops
  • long tanks
  • crew neck tees
  • boat neck tops
  • vintagey tops
  • pair with long vintage necklace

Please avoid these when wearing vests

  • v-necked tops
  • spaghetti strap tops

Thats all i can pretty much think of for now 🙂



1 Response to "Vest up"

GOSH, vests! Reminds me of my childhood in the early ’90s when my mom MADE my sis and me wear vests. And when I discovered them while clearing my wardrobe some 5 to 8 years back, I cringed; felt really ashamed that I actually wore them, haha. And I laughed at photos of my sis and me wearing them. They seemed to be the remnants of the ’80s era.. But in retrospect, maybe I can say my mom was ‘fashion-forward’ then? Hahaha..

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