Tees Are Boring

Posted on: November 4, 2006

This Fall, SW and I are embracing non-Tshirt tops. Personally, I’m sick of tees since they remind me of school. (Yep, tees and jeans/skirts/berm shorts are like a uniform for me. Erps.)

So anyway, I found a couple of tops that caught my eye while surfing online.

Forever 21’s Dotted Knit Top. I thought this was rather adorable but a quick survey got me disheartening results. Some say it looks like maternity wear or just plain weird. I think it’s the round neck and ruched bustline that don’t match? And the sleeves end nowhere with no ruches? 😦 But I really thought it’d go pretty well with bermuda shorts for the super casual look or jeans with accessories for a more dressier look? But I got so much negative reviews that my opinion’s been swayed. Oh btw, Forever 21 has stocked up a similar top but with skull imprints instead. Hurhur.

This Wetseal raglan tunic is so long that I think it’ll look more like a dress on me. Hah. But it’s a versatile basic tunic. The banded bottom, boatneck and subtle pockets make it very mod chic, if you wish.

And then there’s this cutey cutey All Over Heart Tunic from Hottopic. I love how it matches polka dots and stripes together. Paired with black leggings, it’d be so pretty.

And for something more me, this houndstooth top with a bow across the chest is really pretty! I love the ruched sleeves and how the bow (yes SW, I don’t mind the bow here ;)) ties the top together.



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