Clinique-ally Guilty

Posted on: November 4, 2006

As much as SW and I love shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories, we loathe and dread to part hundreds for make up. Yes, this is sinful we know. >_<

Currently, I’m using low-end to mid-range make up brands. Hopefully tomorrow when I drop by a department store, I’ll get my favourite Clinique superpowder. It’s finishing and I’ve been using scraps of it. :S And it’s too bad this bulk shop which sells it a tad cheaper doesn’t carry the shade I’m using. How awful.

Anyway I have to thank SW for introducing me to this powder a year ago. It provides the coverage I need for my shine and holds the concealer properly for me. It’s not too cakey nor loose either.

Clinique’s All About Eye Concealer. SW bought this sometime last week I think. Care to give a review, dearie? 🙂 I’m guilty of using my face concealer for the eyes too. And lately, as my assignments pile up, I’ve been getting less than 5 hours of sleep every night. :S

Perfectly Real Makeup Tint Foundation. I’m also guilty of skipping the foundation process. Yikes. I’ve tried Loreal’s Sheer Cashmere Foundation but found it too tawny on my skin. I look a tad cakey too. I wonder if this would be a perfect solution.

Superfine Liner for Brows. I wonder how hair-like its texture is. The Avon Glimmerstick I’m using right now is pretty fine for me but I gotta take good care not to draw it too dark, or I’ll end up looking like Parameswara (a mythic Javanese figure). Haha!

Mac’s Blush Creme. It’s touted as “luxuriously soft and creamy and will give a vibrant, dewy fresh, slightly shiny look to the cheeks.” Hmms. Sounds tempting, alright. The ELF blush I’m using right now is a pretty good affordable one but doesn’t give me the shine look. Hah.

So what’s your makeup regime like? 🙂



4 Responses to "Clinique-ally Guilty"

I think why we hate spending on makeup is because most of the time, it’s a matter of trial-and-error, as some shades/textures/brands may end up not working for us. Which then simply means that we’d have wasted our money as they are left unused.

Anyway my makeup regime varies depending on how much time I have to put on makeup / how much effort I care to take / how much glamour effect I feel like having. But most of the time it’s concealer, two-way compact foundation, blusher and black eyeliner on the top lids, and lip balm.

A liquid / liquid-to-powder foundation can be such a hassle, I know. That’s why I use two-way compact foundation, which is used just like any compact powder, but functions as a foundation.

L’Oreal Ideal Balance provides a nice coverage, besides claiming to make my oily face look ‘balanced’. I’ve been using it for about a year or two now? But I’m always up for a change if I find a better two-way foundation. It MUST provide nice coverage plus oil-reducing properties (or holds off the oil for longer so that I don’t have to touch up frequently).. And of course, has a suitable shade that makes me look radiant, like how a friend once commented that my Ideal Balance makes me look radiant without looking ‘too made-up’. Any recommendations?

haha. oh ive been using sheer cashmere by loreal for over a year now. and its really good, it leaves a matte look and yet is easy to blend. and it doubles up as my concealer too 🙂 u can try that
haha and zak ur daily makeup regime sounds so glam already :))

but sheer cashmere is a liquid-to-powder foundation right? leceh la, hehe..

anw i guess that’s ‘daily glam’ for me! as opposed to ‘glam glam’ w eyeshadow and mascara and lipstick? haha.. though on really rush rush days / wake up feeling tired days, I can go totally naked! on my face I mean.. not a speck of makeup. but then i’ll catch my reflection in the school lifts (all nie’s lifts have mirrors!) n self-conscious me would tell myself to squeeze some time in my timetable to put at least powder and lip balm on..

haha omg. no u must at least put on some powder and concealer!
i cant really live without some basic makeup daily. haha so no matter how sleepy or cant be bothered i am, i force myself 🙂
anw sheer cashmere is more like putting on tinted moisturiser coz it jus immediately kinda blend into the skin.

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