Blushers galore

Posted on: November 4, 2006

Inspired by SB’s make up post, i shall do a short review on blushers. Im on the lookout for new blushers especially since my loreal one is slightly too old (over a year) and the current elf one is just not too good.

Lets see some blushers on review in my list 🙂

Went to a local shop yesterday and saw revlon blushers. They had really nice peachy shades, which i like compared to the pinkish tones. And its cheap as well, only 19.90 sgd. Not too sure about quality and texture of the blush itself.

I’ve always been a fan of Clinique makeup products. My whole concealer, powder and lip range is from there. I’ve been considering this for some time, i may eventually get around to getting it. Although i don’t really fancy some of the shades i saw on the website.

From Clinique as well, and im loving this palette thing. Its almost like a blend of blushers and bronzers. How cool, especially since im on the lookout for bronzers too. Probably quite pricey.

Estee Lauder blushers are more on the higher end. But alot of reviews rave about their blushers so i guess its worth the money. My sis uses this and she loves the texture. Check out the wide brush they provide,  good for an even coverage 🙂

What can a makeup feature be without MAC. Their blushers are quite renowned as well and moderately priced. Not too sure about whether their blusher comes with a brush. If not the hassle of storing the blush will not make this too worth it.

Oh and Red Earth has some really nice blushers as well. I like the two tone part, similar to Estee Lauder’s one. And this of course, more affordable. 🙂

Do share on which brands make u tick 🙂



4 Responses to "Blushers galore"

I heard The Body Shop carries good blushers too!

yap! their bronzers look tantalising as well. and i hear anna sui has good blushers too. heh, oh and im tinkin of cream blushers as well, wonder if they are any good 🙂

Cream blushers? They sound a bit complicated to me.. As in, how to apply them without having yourself look like you literally have ‘war paint’ on? ‘Cos the texture’s like ‘paint’, if you get what I mean.

i have read from alot of magazines that cream blushers give u a better finish, more even or sth. and it gives u dewy look too. but oh wells, that is if ur an expert. if not, probably end up looking clownish :S

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