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Someone please get this sweet and lovely satin-ruffled blouse from Target! Created for Target especially by Iranian-born, European-based designer Behnaz Sarafpour, this top is a total steal at only US$17.99. I’m not really liking the ivory one but the black is a must-have. Too bad I’m running low on funds after binge-online-purchasing during these exam periods. 😦


Okie been actively scouting for non-tees tops 🙂 Apart from the superb stuff we saw on Target, here’s some others from Forever 21 and Wetseal

I thought this top is so cute. With the polka dot and stripey thing going on together. But SB didn’t fancy it much. Haha. But i still heart it and its in mustard! Never had a top this colour before.

This flowy, fluttery tops are so in now. I love this deep shade of royal purple here. Simple basic but can be accessorized. Can jus imagine this with simple jeans, a thick patent belt and some long necklace 🙂

Preppy look from Wetseal. I like the satin blouse and stripey pullover combo here. Nice. But probably a bit too old looking. Still really chic stuffs

Okay no tees. But this one is really cute although yet again SB begs to differ. Hmph. Well i thought this is really cute, like a kindergarten kid’s drawing! Stripey spunky graphic effect


I never got the fuss why Chloe is always raved upon when it comes to the designer bag world. Well, till i went to look around for Chloe bags. Their leather bags, are…superb!

Chloe Betty-This bag may not look fantastic. Yet its one of those basic bags you absolutely have to get. Its so versatile and will probably never go out of style! And i so absolutely love how this bag looks so luxuriously soft!

Chloe Edith- I always had a thing of bags with the one pocket up front. My, and now i know its from Chloe! More structured look here but it looks more formal. Probably coz of the leather, perfect for work 🙂

Chloe Ollie- Another chic bag. What can i say, love the detail. And the leather looks soft here too yet still the bag is not too slouchy. The studs add an edge 🙂

Whats a Chloe post without a Paddington. Loving the colour here. A tad shiny shimmery look.

And of course, i saw some other fab bags as well. Like these:

From Marc Jacobs. Another ruched effect bag. But i love this one, definitely classy. And the chain detail adds a nice feminine touch

Miu Miu Nappa. This bag looks buttery soft too 😀 But i love the simple clean lines here. Not overwhelming, definitely one of those must have basic leather bags.

Oh when is my first pay cheque ever coming in!


Ohh if only my sunny country has winter. Look how chic she looks in the whole get-up especially the cute hat 🙂

She looks like a doll!

So i scouted around for my latest fashion (passing) craze

Mandee has a great selection of affordable hats. Just check this tweed one. Lovin’ it, stylish yet not too old-y looking

Same fabric, probably. But no tweed design visible here. Versatile one, can be worn dressed up or down

Well maybe, if i do ever get around to wearing such hats i will just start off with military ones like here. More casual and suited for our weather i guess. And i can just imagine this being worn with flipflops, jeans and a vintage tee. Simple get up yet very put together 🙂

Target had a few military hats, similar to Mandee. Same price too. I like this faded black wash here, and the side tabs detail. Nice

Maybe, maybe i shall wear them 🙂


I was greeted in the papers with news that yet another model has died from anorexia. It’s really a sad and disturbing world, the fashion industry. And to make it worse, it’s usually the less well-known and less successful ones who are brought to light. This doesnt seem to make the situation any better, does it?

Ana Carolina Reston, a Brazilian, died at the age of 21. She apparently only ate tomatoes and apples. After this Armani shoot, crew members were complaining she was too thin. Indeed.

Luisel Ramos, a Uruguayan, died at the age of 22. She only survived only on diet Coke and green leafy veggies. Gosh.

I think it’s even sadder top fashion designers refuse to acknowledge some responsibility on their part when they make clothes in such ridiculous sizes most of the time. That’s my only peeve about the fashion world. Shrugs.

Carrying on our new found love for non-tshirts, SW and I have recently (and we mean real recent) bought a lovely mock ruffle polo top from dearest Target (below). It’s said to be a cross between a polo top and a ruffley top. Either way, it’s totally adorable! With subtle polka dots against sweet pink cotton, I can’t wait to pair this with jeans or black berm shorts and ballet flats!

As for alternative items, SW ordered a totally versatile plain tunic. Notice how the sleeves have been given a ruched twist? Really lovely. It can always be paired with a striking belt- either below the bust or the waist. 🙂

As for me, seeing how I really don’t own a polka dotted top, I went ahead with this. It’s a simple top with my fave puffy sleeves. And tunic tops are great!

And then SW pointed out this super gorgeous dress. I can imagine turning all girly and wearing it to err, special nights with the girls. Haha.

So what did we tell you? While Gap is already here and we have yet to check it out (darn the exams!), we are already wishing for Target to set up shop here. It’s really sucky they don’t ship internationally. But if you’re in Singapore, sign up for Singpost’s vPost or any other web concierge service to enjoy shopping from US webbies.

I’m looking for a new perfume to replace my Davidoff Echo.

It’s a cross between fruity and floral. Rather fresh but it doesn’t stay too long. 😦

This was my first perfume. Clinique’s Happy To Be. I really love it’s crispy fresh scent and it lasts longer than my current Echo, too. If I don’t find a better replacement than this, I’ll just return to my old ‘flame’. Hurhur.

Actually come to think of it, Happy To Be wasn’t my first. Rather, it was Lolita Lempicka. I have to admit, I fell in love with the bottle, hence the purchase. The fragrance? Not really to my liking. It’s too sickly sweet, I thought. There’s still half the bottle left.

So what other perfumes should I try next? I need something fresh/fruity. Definitely not older-smelling or sickly sweet. But then again, I don’t want something too fresh/fruity that I walk out of the house smelling like dishwashing liquid. Hurhur.

This, perhaps? SW is on the verge of snapping up a good deal of this online.

Or maybe this instead? SW used this for awhile. I remembered taking a whiff of it and was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t too floral as packaged.

Or any other recommendations, anyone? 🙂