07 collection

Posted on: October 20, 2006

SB and I are faithful birkies lovers. It serves us well especially in the hilly terrains of our campus 🙂 So naturally, when the new collection was released, we got a bit excited knowing we probably end up purchasing one of these pairs 😀

A black based papillio never hurts. It will be versatile. The plus point of these pair is definitely the sweet subtle prints.

Never had a blue based birkies before. And this may be a nice pair to start off with. Can imagine it worn with jeans. Love the swirly prints, not too floral, quite abstract.

Every year we contemplate on buying floridas but decide against it coz it looks too chunky. But with saccharine sweet designs like these, i wonder how long would we hold out 😀

Loving the pale pink based here, very subtle not too loud. The flowery prints here are pretty minimal.

Im really liking the new series of papillios. Flowers are not too outlandish and flashy. Subtle swirly designs.

A practical white based pair never hurts. And i like the flowers here although they are more obvious here than previous designs. But this pair is definitely lively and colourful 😀

Cant wait to get my hands on ’em!



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