Ala Laguna

Posted on: October 19, 2006

My fascination with oversized shades began when watching Laguna Beach. Everyone there dons the shades like how people here wear glasses. And to think our sunny island is as bright or if not, even brighter than Laguna Beach. Heh. So im always swooning over the nice big oversized shades, which i know ive yet to have enough courage to wear. Cowardly me, i know

Anyways was over at celebshades admiring their handbands. And decided to surf thru’ the webbie. Well, if i were to get a pair of shades i probably won’t wear it so often so i should buy the cheepies first right? Heh

Since i have a round face, i opted for the rectangularish or squarish types:

Oh wee, this is a nice sleek pair. Loving the design and colour. And how it seems to ‘wrap’ the face. Its dior-inspired by the way.

Heh, i always thought white shades are cool. And this one is no exception. I saw this being worn by a few cast members in Laguna and it looks mighty cool. 😀

Cartier inspired sunnies. I read somewhere, aviators are versatile and can be worn with anything at all. How true, i can imagine these being worn with skirts, shorts, dresses, dressed up or down. 🙂

Oh and even though this is a tad roundish, i really heart the shape of this pair of shades. Gucci inspired no less 😉

I think Lauren has been spotting these around. It looks very vintagey, Jackie O-style abit. But very chic. Oh but bet i look like a bug in them . Heh



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