Shopping Dearth

Posted on: October 15, 2006

Ever since school kicked its full gear a few weeks back, both SW and I have little time (and mood) to update this blog and shop. In fact, we haven’t been out shopping for good since eons ago. Gulps. Somehow even online shopping has lost its appeal. We’re getting really frustrated with the wait. 😦

But anyways, it’d do no justice to our faithful readers (ahem) if we didn’t do any updates. I found some good deals online. If only someone can help me order…Payments on your part would be nice too. Hee.

Over at Target, there were loads and loads of really cool vintage screen tees. No worries if you’re unwilling to part with money for JunkFood. Target’s extensive range of screen tees are really lightweight, slim-cutting (flattering) and cheap!

I fell heads over heels in love with this AC/DC tee. ‘Nuff said.

I have an aversion to blue-based tops but this is an exception. The distressed lime green fonts make it stand out. Another winner. Best of all, both tees here (and many more) are only retailing for US$9.99. That’d be abt S$20 max.

Then over at F21, there were very adorable womanly looking tops. Already hovering beyond teendom, such investments are pretty worthwhile for me, heh.

I love how this Fun Floral Top plays with floral prints AND polka dots. They give such a lovely clash of patterns. I’d prolly have to wear a tube inside, though, and a wrong colour may just make this top wrong. 😦

I like the ruched waistband and flutter sleeves. Maybe the cream colored flowers make it a tad too oldish? But it’s a really nice “vintagey” top that’ll go so well with long necklaces. Yay.

In case you’re wondering, both F21 tops are available for US$19.80.


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