Mad ’bout bags

Posted on: October 15, 2006

A recent obsession of late are definitely bags and accessories, and of course clothes. I worry for my lack of interest in shoes . 😦 But oh wells, bags are just the thing im into now. And i totally forgot Dorothy Perkins produce great looking bags at affordable prices (the best part of course!), till i was out and purchased a bag from there just now 🙂

The picture does zero justice to the bag! In real life, its much much more roomier, can fit a4. And the material is soft. Plus its a super steal at only 33 sgd, or 12 pounds on the webbie 😀

And look what else i found on the webbie, with the same price but not available here though 😦

I like the tassel detail. Different from the standard bags with pockets up front. And i heart the darker red shade here.

Just realsied i have a thing for brighter, odd colours for bags of late.

My, still contemplating as to whether i should get the bag! From Aldo and is 69sgd here. I never really find printed bags i like. But this! Its a must have. And a plus point : It has a laptop cushioned compartment. To buy or not to…



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