Puffed Karl

Posted on: October 6, 2006

If you’ve been reading our blog for quite some time, you would know how we both adore puffy/ruched sleeves. Grins. So it’s good to know that the trend is set to stay. Karl Lagerfield released his 2007 spring/summer ready-to-wear collections and it was heartening to see those wonderful sleeves on display!

Ignore the tacky lacey tights and bad hairdo. I simply adore the top. Come to think of it, some tops from Forever 21 are similar to this. 🙂 The shiny metallic cloth adds more edge to it.

This is more wearable. Same concept. Puffed sleevs, ruches at neckline. Such a sweet babydoll top.

Of all the three, the sleeves here are more exaggerated. It gives such a nice willowy effect. SW and I once tried on a similar top with such batwing-cum-puffed sleeves at Topshop but it just ended up looking ridiculous on us. :S

Oh wells, expect Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 to come up with good copies of these, if they haven’t already done so.



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