I Love AE

Posted on: October 6, 2006

I fell in love with their tees and bags earlier last year when I first started online shopping. For college students (or undergrads as we call it here), the clearance items are really really affordable and truly nice! The quality is pretty good, for the price you pay. The current fitting of the tees (slim cut and longer-lengthed at 26 inches) are really flattering on all body shapes. Let’s check out some good buys:

AE Botany T. We just bought this. Hope it doesnt go OOS! Simply LOVE this tee for its simplicity and subtle beauty. Aww.

This is adorable with the side word embroidery. On a lovely shade of dark green that’ll go well with light-coloured pants or berm shorts.

This is superb for fall. The leave design is simple yet stunning when worn, I think.

Both of us already have this. My verdict: I love it loads and so does SW! I was afraid, though, that it would be too small/long for me but nopes, it was all fine. Paired with jeans and flip flops for the laidback casual look that I swear by. (You can practically see SW frowning on what she calls frumpiness, heh)

These two bags are also pretty but I prefer the stripey one cos it’s more outstanding. Only downside is the weird shape of it. I thought its abit too elongated and would make it difficult to reach out for the wallet or anyth. Hah.

Ever since my F21 matte heart necklace went OOS, I’m still searching for that big pendant on long necklace accessory. Here, AE gave it a nice twist. It’s actually engravings of a bird amongst some swirls in a circular pendant. I’m itching to get but a little pricey even after clearance sale. Plus, i don’t really know how long it is! Pfft.

Check out these lovely stuffs over at AE. Good newsy: they ship worldwide!



1 Response to "I Love AE"

i like e striped bag too! and i totally agree about elongated bags making it hard to reach for wallets, unless they have a zipped compartment big enough n not-too-deep-in so as to make it easy to reach for frequently used items.. tts why nowadays i mostly look for bags tt are elongated horizontally (like a baguette) instead of vertically..

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