UO treasures

Posted on: October 4, 2006

UO had always relatively nice stuffs, not gush worthy and definitely not worth the relatively pricey tag. Especially for us with the exchange rates. Browsed through the clearance section and saw some really good deals, so many of them!

Oh im so loving this whole baggy look for the top. Coz it will look good paired with a pair of fitted jeans especially skinny ones. The ruched neckline reminds me of SB forever 21 top. And the sleeve detail makes it looks tied in rather than flowy and frumpy. 🙂 Sadly, this top is 29.99 USD, still a bit outta reach.

This frock tunic is an excellent base to start off accessorising. And all the better, it can be paired with tights (which i just bought! :D) Pair this with a cinched belt or soft leather belt. And remember to accessorise with long necklaces. Versatile basic top in fact.

This is a fantastic deal for 14.99 USD. Loving the flowy look again especially the material here which looks soft. Almost identical to the first item. And in fact, it has the nice waist detail tie 🙂 Another winner with tights or tight fitted bottoms.

Gauchos for only 6.99 USD! Not sure about stocks availibility. But what a steal. Am thinking of getting gauchos for myself too. It would look cute with a fitted, puffy-sleeved shirt. 🙂 Abit formal but has a casual twist.

And the accessories were going on sale too.

Always had a thing for charm bracelets and this is no exception. Has such a unique victorian antique feel. The charms are also different from the standard fare of girly stuffs.

Been eyeing this necklace for some time and its on sale. Cant wait for a spree. Only 7.99 USD. What a simple piece yet it can spice up so many outfits. And the good thing is the gold version does not look flashy, more of the matted kind. Definitely a thumbs up 🙂

This tie around sandals will look good with berm shorts or skirts. It may look cheep but for around 6.99 USD, no complains.



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