Taiwanese- the fashion forward

Posted on: October 4, 2006

Im loving how the fact that the taiwanese is so abreast of fashion that their bags are a fusion of a couple of designer bags resulting into one. 😀

Just check these out:

A while ago, SB and I bought these bags

SB’s bag is a cross between a Botkier bag and the latest Miu Miu koffer bag. We even had a fight over it ‘_’ Either that or the two bags are just plain similar. Grins

I bought this. And although many have said this is more chloe inspired (its very common anyways), i agree with the shape part. But the lock is very salvatore signature. Coz we all know chloe paddington is the one with the heavy looking lock. Well a practical fusion definitely 😀

And this bag is almost a cross between one of the Mulberry designs and a abit like the Chloe large paddington bag i featured 🙂

Well, it seems Taiwan fashion is already a few step ahead of us 😀 I wonder whats next, YSL Muse fused with Chanel quilted pattern? Cant wait 🙂



2 Responses to "Taiwanese- the fashion forward"

where’d you buy these from?

online taiwan yahoo auctions site 🙂

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