Boho over

Posted on: October 4, 2006

Boho rage is over. And i sadly dont really wear many of my tiered skirts. But the thing im happy bout is that i bought quite a handful of printed tiered ones which are not totally-over the season 🙂

In fact they may be just in the scene with all the tights and waisted belts getting abit too over used and hyped. Look at some skirts forever 21 has produced lately

This satin flowery printed skirt is very sweet. Saccharine sweet. And i have yet to own a skirt in blue-ish tones 😀 What a plus point plus its really affordable! Oh and the ribbon detail is so feminine!

I love the colour contrast here. 🙂 And the brown flowery prints are not dowdy at all. Same price as above, only 19.80 USD ‘_’

Some tips:

  • Pair them with flats for a beachy casual look. Or plain (no gaudy prints!) espadrilles for a more summery feel.
  • Please pair them with plain tops. Solid colours such as black, white, brown will be good. Even if your skirt is blue based doesn’t mean it will look good with a plain blue top 🙂
  • Have fun accessorising. Will look good with bangles. And even simple long necklaces 🙂
  • And this skirts will be fun to carry big beachy or printed totes. And even leather bags. But the bigger sized ones of course. Goes with the feel of the look 🙂



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