Hottopic Clearance Sale

Posted on: October 1, 2006

Oh how not to resist, Hottopic has major clearance and logo tees are going for as low as 4.99 usd! And the selection of tees are fantastic.

This junk food pussy tee is dirt cheap! Especially for junk food tees which are normally pricey. Loving the cute slogan and graphic. And yay to baseball tees too:D

Ohh these looks so similar to junk food tees. Material is not fully cotton giving it the vintagey touch. And of course the colourful graphics is a thumbs up. Pair it with berm shorts, capris or jeans!

Could not resist this tee’s slogan ‘_’ And its probably a few nice red tees i have seen before. Simple and kinda spunky 🙂

And before i forget

This sash pinstriped shorts are only 9.99 usd! Something from forever 21 like this would set u back thrice as much. Too bad online shopping is a terrible way of buying bottoms. But oh wells, the tees make me happy 😀



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