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I always thought the Heidi Klum range for birkenstocks, was, awfully tacky. Most looked very bling-bling to me. Coz it was always drenched and dripped in rhinestones.

Was surfin’ and had no idea, it was as ugly as these.

Was she sleeeepy when she designed these?! The colour combination is way offf, aqua blue and bright green?! And to top it off, all the rhinestones. Gosh

Omg, this looks like shrek being melted to a puddle and moulded to a shoe.

It looks sooo bad, i wonder if anyone ever buys them.

To top if off, they are really pricey!



Ashlee Simpson and I share one love: the black quilted Balenciaga motorcycle. While she earns tons of moolahs by croaking into the mic and can well afford the real deal, I slog hard through school and still have to make do with an inspired one from Ricks at Far East Plaza. The difference: mine is less shiny and less boxy. But know what? I really love mine. And btw, it was purchased months ago. I just didn’t find the perfect opportunity to blog about my new school bag. Hee.

So okay like me, Ashlee has been guilty of carrying the same bag for every night she’s been out. Well, at least as captured in photos.


SB and I are faithful birkies lovers. ItΒ serves us well especially in the hilly terrains of our campus πŸ™‚ So naturally, when the new collection was released, we got a bit excited knowing we probably end up purchasing one of these pairs πŸ˜€

A black based papillio never hurts. It will be versatile. The plus point of these pair is definitely the sweet subtle prints.

Never had a blue based birkies before. And this may be a nice pair to start off with. Can imagine it worn with jeans. Love the swirly prints, not too floral, quite abstract.

Every year we contemplate on buying floridas but decide against it coz it looks too chunky. But with saccharine sweet designs like these, i wonder how long would we hold out πŸ˜€

Loving the pale pink based here, very subtle not too loud. The flowery prints here are pretty minimal.

Im really liking the new series of papillios. Flowers are not too outlandish and flashy. Subtle swirly designs.

A practical white based pair never hurts. And i like the flowers here although they are more obvious here than previous designs. But this pair is definitely lively and colourful πŸ˜€

Cant wait to get my hands on ’em!


My fascination with oversized shades began when watching Laguna Beach. Everyone there dons the shades like how people here wear glasses. And to think our sunny island is as bright or if not, even brighter than Laguna Beach. Heh.Β So im always swooning over the nice big oversized shades, which i know ive yet to have enough courage to wear. Cowardly me, i know

Anyways was over at celebshades admiring their handbands. And decided to surf thru’ the webbie. Well, if i were to get a pair of shades i probably won’t wear it so often so i should buy the cheepies first right? Heh

Since i have a round face, i opted for the rectangularish or squarish types:

Oh wee, this is a nice sleek pair. Loving the design and colour. And how it seems to ‘wrap’ the face. Its dior-inspired by the way.

Heh, i always thought white shades are cool. And this one is no exception. I saw this being worn by a few cast members in Laguna and it looks mighty cool. πŸ˜€

Cartier inspired sunnies. I read somewhere, aviators are versatile and can be worn with anything at all. How true, i can imagine these being worn with skirts, shorts, dresses, dressed up or down. πŸ™‚

Oh and even though this is a tad roundish, i really heart the shape of this pair of shades. Gucci inspired no less πŸ˜‰

I think Lauren has been spotting these around. It looks very vintagey, Jackie O-style abit. But very chic. Oh but bet i look like a bug in them . Heh

Β -SW-

Ever since school kicked its full gear a few weeks back, both SW and I have little time (and mood) to update this blog and shop. In fact, we haven’t been out shopping for good since eons ago. Gulps. Somehow even online shopping has lost its appeal. We’re getting really frustrated with the wait. 😦

But anyways, it’d do no justice to our faithful readers (ahem) if we didn’t do any updates. I found some good deals online. If only someone can help me order…Payments on your part would be nice too. Hee.

Over at Target, there were loads and loads of really cool vintage screen tees. No worries if you’re unwilling to part with money for JunkFood. Target’s extensive range of screen tees are really lightweight, slim-cutting (flattering) and cheap!

I fell heads over heels in love with this AC/DC tee. ‘Nuff said.

I have an aversion to blue-based tops but this is an exception. The distressed lime green fonts make it stand out. Another winner. Best of all, both tees here (and many more) are only retailing for US$9.99. That’d be abt S$20 max.

Then over at F21, there were very adorable womanly looking tops. Already hovering beyond teendom, such investments are pretty worthwhile for me, heh.

I love how this Fun Floral Top plays with floral prints AND polka dots. They give such a lovely clash of patterns. I’d prolly have to wear a tube inside, though, and a wrong colour may just make this top wrong. 😦

I like the ruched waistband and flutter sleeves. Maybe the cream colored flowers make it a tad too oldish? But it’s a really nice “vintagey” top that’ll go so well with long necklaces. Yay.

In case you’re wondering, both F21 tops are available for US$19.80.

A recent obsession of late are definitely bags and accessories, and of course clothes. I worry for my lack of interest in shoes . 😦 But oh wells, bags are just the thing im into now. And i totally forgot Dorothy Perkins produce great looking bags at affordable prices (the best part of course!), till i was out and purchased a bag from there just now πŸ™‚

The picture does zero justice to the bag! In real life, its much much more roomier, can fit a4. And the material is soft. Plus its a super steal at only 33 sgd, or 12 pounds on the webbie πŸ˜€

And look what else i found on the webbie, with the same price but not available here though 😦

I like the tassel detail. Different from the standard bags with pockets up front. And i heart the darker red shade here.

Just realsied i have a thing for brighter, odd colours for bags of late.

My, still contemplating as to whether i should get the bag! From Aldo and is 69sgd here. I never really find printed bags i like. But this! Its a must have. And a plus point : It has a laptop cushioned compartment. To buy or not to…


My, look who is up to date with fashion. None other than the North Korean president himself:D

Maybe, SB and i should seriously consider getting them too. To keep up with the trend and not to be left behind πŸ™‚ Hur hur